Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs was reportedly rejected two years ago by former Palm Inc. CEO Ed Colligan when he asked for an agreement between the two companies that required them to not poach each other's workers.

Bloomberg reported the exchange Thursday after it said it was able to review the communications between the two CEOs.

According to Colligan, Jobs approached the former Palm CEO back in August 2007--shortly after the launch of the first iPhone--asking him to enter into a deal wherein neither company would hire the other's employees.

We must do whatever we can to stop this, Jobs reportedly told Colligan.

Colligan then told Jobs such an agreement would be wrong and likely illegal.

Palm had poached an Apple employee called Jon Rubenstein and that upset Steve Jobs, the report continued. He wanted Palm to enter into a deal with him , but Colligan wasn't playing this game.

Rubinstein headed up the Apple iPod division before he took the Palm job offer. He is now the CEO of Palm after Colligan stepped down in June.