Greek pollster Stratos Fanaras said a large number of younger voters have refused to answer exit polls when questioned during the final two hours of voting Sunday.

Given the likelihood that youth tend to favor the far-left, anti-bailout Syriza party, this may give Syriza the boost it needs to go over the top and win what is widely regarded as the most important election in Europe in decades.

Earlier exit polls suggested that Syriza and New Democracy (which supports bailout and austerity) are running neck and neck, with about 28 percent of the electorate each.

If this figure is accurate, then Syria and ND will each gain about 130 seats in parliament – however, the party with the highest vote count would be granted an extra 50 seats in parliament as a bonus.

If exit polls are underestimating Syriza’s popularity, that party could coast to victory, thereby spelling doom for Greece’s membership in the euro zone.