Ariana Grande’s fans have bonded over the star’s doughnut incident, deciding to show support by uploading their own doughnut-licking snaps on social media.

Loyal Arianators are defending the star and have been posting several doughnut-licking snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #WeForgiveYouAri. The supportive posts became a trending topic a few days ago, Seventeen reported.

The Instagram posts shows fans emulating their favorite star. But instead of licking the actual powdered goods, Arianators are using fake or photoshopped doughnuts in their pics. 

E!News also noticed the Instagram messages and pointed out an obvious fact that in all the pictures, “nobody is actually licking any doughnuts.” E! further wrote that fans will not actually follow what their favorite star did given that it is a gross practice. E!’s last reminder was for fans to support Grande’s career, albums and concerts, but not her misbehavior.

Meanwhile, the Wolfee Donut shop where Grande’s doughnut-licking gaffe took place has seen an increase in sales, People reported. According to owner Joe Marin, the store’s sales performance have tripled after the incident.

But one downside from Grande’s visit is a drop in ratings from the health inspector. Previously the shop had an A rating, now it is down to B. Marin also told People that he already made the necessary corrections, just in time for another health inspection scheduled for Wednesday.