A teenage student at Rangeview High School in Aurora, Colo., is reportedly suffering from a “significant injury” after a school employee who works after-hours as an armed security guard elsewhere accidentally shot him in the leg, police say.

According to the Associated Press, the shooting took place in the high school’s parking lot on Monday, about an hour after classes ended for the day. The employee, who knew the student, was giving the student a ride home when he reportedly attempted to stow his gun in the glove compartment of his vehicle. Police say that’s when the gun discharged, hitting the student in the leg. Police have not identified the man, although they said he works as a school monitor.

In a statement, Rangeview High School Superintendent John Barry emphasized that the shooting was an accident, and he said the school was committed to the safety of its students.

"This staff member also works as a security guard off campus and his security guard weapon accidentally discharged while in his truck, hitting this student in the leg," Barry said.

"Again, this was an accidental shooting," Barry said. "Please be assured that the safety and security of our students is a top priority in Aurora Public Schools."

The employee then drove the student to a nearby hospital in his car, and he arrived at approximately 4:30 p.m. The student was admitted and rushed into surgery, but he's expected to survive the injury. Police have not said whether the man would face criminal charges, but Rangeview officials confirmed that he has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Neither the school nor law enforcement officials have specified whether the student was under 18, but according to HandgunLaw.us, it is a violation of Colorado laws to carry a weapon in a vehicle console or glove box if a person under 18 is riding in the vehicle, regardless of whether or not it is loaded. The site also states that such offenses in Colorado have previously resulted in charges of Child Endangerment.

Aurora detectives are urging anyone who witnessed or have further knowledge of the incident to contact Detective Dave Van Nostrand at 303-627-3246 or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.