Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to acting, starring in the soon-to-be released “The Last Stand.” With his return to Hollywood, Schwarzenegger is also back in the public spotlight and that includes a memorable “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.

Whether you know him as a bodybuilder, Conan, the Terminator, Arnie, Ahh-nold or just the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a figure who transcended any realm he decided to be a part of. He was incredibly successful as a bodybuilder, moved to America and defied the odds by becoming one of the biggest Hollywood stars ever and, to top it all off, became governor of California. It’s been one long and interesting journey for Schwarzenegger and despite being a giant of a man, he comes across as extremely personable with a quick sense of humor.

In Reddit’s popular “Ask Me Anything” series, celebrities and other intriguing personalities open themselves up to questions submitted by the Reddit community. Schwarzenegger was the star of Tuesday’s AMA where he was faced with over 14,000 comments. Although Schwarzenegger could not answer all the questions asked of him, he did provide plenty of interesting answers that show off his personality, political acumen and humor.

Of all the movie roles he passed up, the one that still eats at Schwarzenegger is a role in Michael Bay’s “The Rock.” “I most regret not doing The Rock," he said. "I love the movie, and it turned out well. When it was offered to me there was only an 80-page script with a lot of handwriting and scribbles and it didn't seem fully baked. But they obviously did a fantastic job.”

Schwarzenegger has been defined by several famous phrases, such as “I’ll be back,” and one Reddit member asked him what was his favorite movie line, to which he replied, “"Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" the classic “Dirty Harry” quote from Clint Eastwood. Schwarzenegger does say “I’ll be back” is his favorite line from his own movies and gives his favorite line from “The Last Stand,” “You F---ed up my day off.”

As for some of his famous lines from “Predator,” including “Get to the chopper” and “Stick around,” Schwarzenegger said the first line was always in the script, and it was his delivery that immortalized the quote, while the second was improvised.

Schwarzenegger said being governor was the hardest thing he has ever done while acting was the most fun.  When asked who he would like to work with, Schwarzenegger threw a surprise for fans with his choices, mentioning Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi and Bay.

Schwarzenegger also let it be known that he will be making “Twins 2” with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy.

While many of the questions centered on Schwarzenegger’s storied Hollywood career, he did provide some interesting political insights. When asked about the state of the Republican Party, Schwarzenegger said, “The most important thing is that we need to be a party that is inclusive and tolerant. We can be those things and be the party we always have been.

" We need to think about the environment -- Teddy Roosevelt was a great environmentalist and people forget Reagan was the one who dealt with the ozone layer with the Montreal protocol. We also need to talk about health care honestly -- Nixon almost passed universal health care. We need to have an talk about immigration and realize you can't just deport people. We need a comprehensive answer. We also need to stay out of people's bedrooms. The party that is for small government shouldn't be over-reaching into people's private lives.

"Mainly, we need to be a party where people know what we are for, not just what we are against.”

As for who Schwarzenegger would pick to be the best example of modern politics, he replied, “Even though Congress has an approval rating of 9 percent (and loses to cockroaches and colonoscopies in polling), there are still some leaders who are doing the people's work instead of the parties' work. That's political courage to me, being willing to risk your job to choose what's good for the public instead of getting stuck in your ideology.

"One of my favorites is Mayor Chuck Reed from San Jose. He's a Democrat who took on pension reform, he has always put the people first. You should look him up.”

With all the comments, discussion about roles and politics, Schwarzenegger did not shy away from some of the off-the-wall questions from Reddit. When asked “Is it a tumor,” Schwarzenegger played along, replying with his famous line, “It’s not a tumor!”

Finally, when asked, “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Predators or one Predator-sized duck?” Schwarzenegger replied, “I would choose the 1 Predator sized duck instead of dealing with 100 duck-sized Predators. I've already fought a Predator-sized Predator so I am confident I could handle the duck.”