“Arrested Development” fans learned at the end of season three that Lucille was the one running George Sr. In episode six of Netflix’s fourth season, viewers see a major change in the Bluth patriarch.

After getting high with Oscar in the desert and seeing an ostrich spirit man, George Sr. begins to see a change in his attitude. A former go-getter who was a pro at getting money out of people, George became the weaker brother.

While he’s worried about the Mexican border wall (which is unfortunately on Mexican land, not American), his twin brother Oscar has been hooking up with Lucille … and Lucille Too.

George starts dressing in a blouse because he “hates his arms,” and crying when he gets overwhelmed or when his feelings get hurt. Worried about his changing feelings, George asks Dr. Norman (John Slattery) to run some tests. After asking George a string of questions like if he was cursed by a board game (“Jumanji”), if a kid made a wish on a birthday (“Liar, Liar”), or if he was being possessed by anything, a high Dr. Norman tells him to go into an MRI and “ride it to climax.” So, George Sr. grabs some dirty Mexican magazines (Señor Señora) and heads over to take the test.

Later on at the celebration of Quatro de Mayo, Dr. Norman tells him that he has the testosterone levels of a baby. “You have almost no testosterone level,” says Dr. Norman. “But on the plus side your estrogen levels are that of a very healthy woman.”

“Also, the people at Orange County Imaging said that you were masturbating in an MRI tube,” continues Dr. Norman. “But doctor, you told me to,” George says confused. “I did no such thing,” responds Dr. Norman. “That sounds like something I would say if I have my thinking cap on.” (Dr. Norman’s thinking cap is a nitrous oxide mask.)

While George is upset over his testosterone levels, the situation deteriorates further when the Hispanic community began to riot over the Quatro de Mayo celebration. The rest of the crowd begins to side with the Mexican border wall (which George Bluth is now against since he told the U.S. government that he has American soil that in reality is Mexican), and George decides to wear a disguise. Finding a long red-haired wig, George puts it on and looks in a mirror, realizing, “Oh god, this feels right.”

Later on, George is dressed in drag at his old apartment when a police officer comes by to ask him a few questions. George refuses to let him in because he said he doesn’t allow men in his apartment when his husband isn’t present.