After accidentally getting mistaken for a pedophile on the TV series “To Entrap A Local Predator,” Tobias is now a registered sex offender. After serving some time in jail, he’s rescued through a work-release program by Lucille Austero, who makes him a new “theralist” at her rehab facility, Austerity.

Tobias meets a bunch of familiar faces at the rehab, which is run by Lucille’s brother, Argyle Austero. In rehab is Gob’s old friend, pop star Mark Cherry, and Andy Richter’s shy, hoarding brother whose face is never seen on screen, Emmett Richter.

As he begins his first therapy session at Austerity, Tobias’ ragtag group of patients is joined by one more person – his former flame (and meth addict girlfriend) Debris. Argyle doesn’t like that Tobias is treating a patient that he has a former relationship with, but lets him continue when Tobias convinces him to let the rehab put on a play about the “Fantastic Four” (which he still does not have the rights to).

With Debris back in his life, Tobias seems to be moving forward, even getting a place to live in Sudden Valley thanks to Gob. With no schools, libraries or playgrounds within 20 miles of Michael’s housing development, Sudden Valley is the perfect location for Tobias because it “virtually fills every parole requirement” he has.

Working on the play, everyone seems to be doing pretty well – except Debris, who can’t handle the pressure of playing Sue Storm. But Tobias is still bent on moving forward – even inquiring to Argyle about making it into a real Broadway production. Argyle says they would need $700,000 and that he can get the money if Lucille calls in some debt. Argyle goes to dinner with Lucille at the Balboa club, the same night that Michael is there on a double date with Rebel, Lindsay and Herbert Love. Running into Michael, Argyle threatens him unless he pays up the $700,000 that he owes Lucille.

Tobias and Michael catch up in Sudden Valley, where Tobias learns that Michael knows Ron Howard. They both head to Ron’s office, where Michael intends to end the movie deal he has and Tobias plans to beg for rights to the “Fantastic Four.” Howard says that he can’t give the rights to Tobias, which results in Tobias trying to strangle him while yelling, “You are ruining my life, Ron Howard.” And that’s not the only bad news he received. His rehab group grew by one – Lucille Bluth!

Not wanting to let the group down, Tobias lies and tells them that they secured the rights and can perform it at Cinco de Cuatro. While he is supposed to be dressed as “The Thing,” he can’t due to the children at the event that are excited to see the “Fantastic Four.” Tobias is forced to yell after each child that runs past him that he’s a registered sex offender. Fortunately he finds Buster at the festivities and drafts him into playing “The Thing.”

Meanwhile Debris is also having her own problems at the Cinco de Cuatro celebration. While trying to calm her nerves, she spots discarded pills from Dr. Norman in the water and begins to use drugs again. Lucille finds Tobias with a drugged-out Debris and tells him to fix the situation or he’ll be off his work-release and sent back to prison. And as Tobias talks to Lucille, Debris gets a cease and desist letter for her “Fantastic Four” outfit and is threatened with jail time.

With Debris out of the play, Tobias leaves her passed out in a beach chair by a dumpster. Failing to find an actress to replace her, Tobias whips out his old blue paint and blues himself for the first time in five years to play Sue Storm. Unfortunately he gets on the wrong boat out to the floating stage – and it turns out to be Marky who is bent on bombing Herbert Love’s boat.