“Arrested Development” season 4 is here! The “semi-original” Netfix series premiered its new season on Sunday at 3 a.m. EDT after seven years off the air. Each of the 15 Netflix episodes follows one of the Bluths as they “struggle to break free from the family and make it on their own.”

What can you expect from the 15 new episodes? We’ve provided you with the episode descriptions below.

Episode 1 – ‘Flight Of The Phoenix’

“Michael says goodbye to the family business and starts his own. And the life of the family is turned upside down when their mailman Pete dies.”

Episode 2- ‘Borderline Personalities’

“George Sr. comes up with a get-rich-quick scam after his family falls apart.”

Episode 3- ‘Indian Takers’

“Lindsay tries to reclaim her sense of self while traveling and getting back to her political activist roots.”

Episode 4- ‘The B. Team’

“Michael is presented with a new business opportunity that could change his life. Unfortunately, he needs his family to sign off.”

Episode 5- ‘A New Start’

“Tobias searches for meaning after splitting with Lindsay, only to find that old habits die hard.”

Episode 6- ‘Double Crossers’

“George Sr.'s new business hits a rough patch, and he must bribe a politician to get his scam back on track.”

Episode 7- ‘Colony Collapse’

“Gob finds a new group of friends after his relationship falls apart and his family abandons him.”

Episode 8- ‘Red Hairing’

“Lindsay continues to push away from being a Bluth by embracing a relationship and finding a new career.”

Episode 9- ‘Smashed’

“Tobias returns to his roots and reunites with his leading lady after a rough few weeks.”

Episode 10- ‘Queen B.’

“Lucille finds that her children have already started divvying up her things, and adjusts to her new home.”

Episode 11-‘A New Attitude’

“Gob accepts a job from his brother, but is distracted by a scheme of his own.”

Episode 12- ‘Señoritis’

Maeby moves out on her own and reconnects with her cousin George-Michael.”

Episode 13- ‘It Gets Better’

At UC Irvine things get steamy when George-Michael finds himself in a love triangle with his best friend Ray and his girlfriend Becky.”

Episode 14- ‘Off The Hook’

“Buster struggles to make it on his own and break away from his overbearing mother.”

Episode 15- ‘Blockheads’

“George-Michael tries to reconnect with his father, but is finding himself overwhelmed by the responsibility of running his business.”

You can watch all the episodes by using your Netflix account and clicking here. Missed the end of season 3? Click here to read a recap of what happened in the season 3 finale.