“Arrested Development” premieres its fourth season on Netflix on Sunday. The former Fox comedy ended its TV run in 2006 – so where did the Bluths leave off? Let’s recap how season three ended.

The final episode, “Development Arrested,” kicks off with Michael crying on a boat while giving a speech. But the episode backtracks to what got Michael there in the first place.


The Bluth family is finally celebrating some good news. George Bluth had all the charges against him (treason, embezzlement, etc.) dropped, and the Bluth Co. was upgraded on “Mad Money” from “Don’t Buy” to “Risky.” The Bluth family gathers at Lucille’s for a celebratory breakfast where Lucille announces that they will be throwing a party on a boat to name Michael the new CEO of the company.

Stock Drama

The family now has the ability to sell their stocks in the company, but nobody knows that until Michael accidentally says that they can … but shouldn’t. Of course the whole family wants to (Lindsay says she wants to sell hers because she is almost 40; George wants to sell his and move to his place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico).

From that point on, Lucille tells Michael that he must do whatever he can to stop the family from selling the stocks.

Les Cousins Dangereux

Maeby and George Michael get to second base because they think that they’re not really cousins. But then Tobias shows them some very graphic photos that make it very clear that Maeby is Lindsay’s daughter. George Michael tries to initially talk to his dad about it, but Michael is too busy dealing with the rest of the family's problems.

When George Michael finally does tell Michael his feelings for Maeby, his dad tells him not to pursue it and tells him to bring Ann to the boat party. George Michael goes to find Ann but learns that she moved in with her boyfriend … who turns out to be Gob. George Michael confronts Gob and punches him before taking off in Gob’s yacht.

Stan Sitwell

The Bluth’s competitor, Stan Sitwell, is interested in buying up the family stock. He offers Gob a generous offer and Gob thinks about taking it and fleeing on the small yacht he’s been living on. Lucille tells Michael that in order to get Gob to keep his shares that the Bluth Co. will leave the boat to Gob.

Lindsay, on the other hand, approaches Stan Sitwell, and gets more than she bargains for. She learns that she was actually adopted by the Bluth family … right out from under the nose of the Sitwells. Lindsay also learns that unfortunate news that her she’s actually three years older than she thought and will be celebrating her 40th birthday in a couple of days.

Lindsay’s Adoption

When Lindsay learns she is adopted she uses that to proposition Michael and tell him that if she doesn’t get divorced and remarried in a month, she’s going to sell the shares.  Michael tells her that he’s not into older women.

When Gob learns that Lindsay is trying to get Michael, he decides to scoop her out from him (even though Michael is not interested). But Lindsay is not interested in Gob.

Maeby’s New Offer

Maeby fears she’s being fired from her job at the studio but instead learns that they want to buy her life story. The only problem is she has to get her whole family to sign their rights away. Maeby struggles to do that, but is offered an easy way out when Lucille hands her a clipboard and tells her to offer the family members $100,000 to sign that they won’t sell the company. Maeby switches the papers so that they’ll actually sign what she needs to make the movie.

The Deal

On the boat Michael finally makes his speech  (where he cries) about taking the company over, but realizes that he’s made a huge mistake. He takes off to chase after George Michael on Gob’s yacht.

Lucille also realizes she made a huge mistake by appointing Michael and makes a deal to sell the company to Stan Sitwell for 12 percent above the market value.

The End

The SEC police boats approach the boat that the Bluth’s are throwing their party on. Lucille finds out that Annyong, her adopted son, was informing the feds of Lucille’s wrongdoings as a way to avenge his family. Turns out that before the Bluths had their banana stand, Annyong’s grandfather had his own banana stand at the same location. They stole his idea and drove him out of business.

Lucille tries to get the docked boat out into the open sea and ends up sending Buster overboard, where he comes face to face with the seal that bit his hand off.

Michael catches up to his fleeing son and lets him know that Maeby isn’t his blood relative. When they see the police chasing after Lucille they decide to stay on their yacht and continue off into the sunset. They head to Cabo and find that they’re not there alone – George had taken off for there as well.

The series ended with Maeby pitching her family drama idea as a series to Ron Howard. But Howard says that he doesn’t see it working as a series – but “maybe a movie.”

Season four of “Arrested Development” will air all 15 episodes beginning on Sunday.