Pakistani police in Karachi have arrested two paramilitary soldiers for killing an unarmed young man in a case that has generated tremendous outrage because the murder was captured on videotape.

Sarfaraz Shah, the 25-year-old murder victim, is shown on video footage begging for his life before five or six members of the DG Sindh Rangers paramilitary shoot him to death in cold blood in a city park.

The Rangers claimed they detained Shah on charges of trying to rob a policeman – a charge his family has denied.

Sarfaraz’s elder brother Salik told Pakistan media: “[Sarfaraz] was a decent and mannered person with no criminal record whatsoever. Charges from the Rangers that he was a robber are ridiculous and criminal. He went to the park to pass the time. What we want is justice.”

Meanwhile, according to the journalists union in the Karachi, the unnamed TV cameraman who filmed the fatal encounter is receiving threats and being pressured [by authorities] to say it was a fake.

The Pakistan Tribune has identified the cameraman as Abdul Salam Soomro, who told reporters he has received threatening phone calls.

The killing has sparked outrage from across Pakistan, including senior politicians who are demanding the prosecution of paramilitary forces.

The young man’s funeral was attended by hundreds of journalists, political and civil society members attended the funeral.