If "Vampire Diaries" hottie Stephen Amell and former "Melrose Place" babe Katie Cassidy weren't enough to spike your interest in the CW's new series "Arrow," then we have a sneak peek video that might.

Set to premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 10, "Arrow" may be about a superhero, but it definitely has a darker tone than former CW superhero series, "Smallville." According to IMDB, "Arrow" is about Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who after a violent shipwreck that killed his father and girlfriend's sister (who he was having an affair with), is stranded on a remote island for five years. Queen eventually returns home, but the island has changed him. Now back in Sterling City, Queen remains the carefree billionaire by day, but at night becomes Arrow, a vigilante set to help those that suffered at the hands of the rich, including his own family.

The sneak peek begins with a "bad guy" is walking with a couple of his henchmen. As they walk the bad guy makes threats against a judge and tells his guys to "take care" of attorney Laurel Lance (Cassidy). His conversation gets interrupted when an arrow zooms by and takes out a light, making it harder for the bad guy to see in the already dim parking garage. The bad guys henchmen tell him to get in the car, but unfortunately no one will be able to drive him out because both henchmen get shot in the chest with an arrow.

The bad guy is thrown out of his car and comes face to face with Arrow. "Look, just tell me what you want," the bad guy says with his hands up.

Arrow does just that, telling him, "You're going to transfer $40 million to Sterling City bank account 1141 by 10 p.m. tomorrow night."

"Or what?" the now confident bad guy asks.

"Or I'll take it and you won't like how," Arrow replies and walks away.

A bad guy is never to have a last word, and as Arrow slips out into the dark his victim yells, "If I ever see you again you're dead!"

Without saying a word, Arrow just shoots another arrow, narrowly missing his target and taking out another one of his car windows.

"Arrow" premieres on the CW on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Will you be tuning in to the new series?