The best part of being a fan of the collection of DC comics superhero shows on the CW is the bevy of crossovers they’re able to accomplish each season. With 2015's major “Arrow” and “The Flash” crossover event complete, one member of the connected TV universe is teasing another could be coming in the near future. 

David Ramsey, who “Arrow” fans will recognize as John Diggle on the drama, isn’t shy about teasing fans with what’s ahead for the characters in both Star City and Central City. Recently, he posted a photo to his Instagram account showing him in “The Flash” writers room. The snapshot of the actor, who can be seen wearing plain clothes and a Bruce Lee hat, was accompanied by the following caption:

It seems as though the actor is confirming that Diggle may make his way to Central City later on in either Season 4 of “Arrow” or Season 2 of “The Flash.” Earlier in both respective shows, every character on Team Arrow crossed with every character on Team Flash in order to set up Hawkman and Hawkgirl ahead of the third show in the network’s connected universe, “Legends of Tomorrow.” However, in the past, both shows have proven that there are smaller-scale crossovers that often just bring one or two characters into their respective plotline. 

What is interesting about a standalone Diggle story is the character’s ties to A.R.G.U.S., a government organization that previously sent him on foreign missions with the show’s version of the “Suicide Squad.” Then again, if Diggle is making his way to “The Flash” it could be for reasons that would greatly impact his future on “Arrow.” 

As fans of the Star City vigilantes will know, earlier in Season 4 Diggle discovered that his long lost brother Andy (Eugene Byrd), was not only alive, but working for the villain Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Diggle spent almost the entirety of the “Arrow” series motivated by either avenging or rescuing his baby brother, only to discover he was a, possibly brainwashed, war criminal the entire time. If he’s taking a side trip later on this year, odds are good it will have something to do with his key mission — rescuing Andy. 

Fans will have to wait until “The Flash” returns Jan. 19 and “Arrow” returns Jan. 20 to see how each show will be setting up any potential small-scale crossovers in the future. Until then, viewers will just have to sit with the massive midseason finale cliffhanger that “Arrow” left off on.