PBS is airing a new story inspired by Sherlock Holmes. No, they still haven’t revealed a premiere date for Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock” Season 4. However, their new miniseries “Arthur & George” follows “Holmes” author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Martin Clunes) as he decides to solve a real-life mystery.

Check out 6 things to know about the 3-episode show:

1. Based On Real Events – Though the “Sherlock Holmes” mysteries were fictional, Doyle was actually involved in this real-life case. He helped clear the name of George Edalji (Arsher Ali), a man who was imprisoned for animal mutilation. However, this isn’t exactly a biographical miniseries. The series is based on Julian Barnes’ 2005 novel, “Arthur & George,” which fictionalized the events.

2. Forbidden Love – This isn’t just a straight criminal drama. Expect a romance with Doyle and Jean Leckie (Hattie Morahan). However, Doyle feels guilty about his new love. He was falling for her before his wife Lousia’s death.

3. Doyle Risks His Reputation – Doyle isn’t an established detective. He’s just a well-known author. Sticking his nose into legal matters could destroy his reputation if it doesn’t go well. The fact that he is already courting Jean very quickly after Louisa’s death only makes gossipers talk about the “Sherlock Holmes” writer even more.

4. Inspiration – Obviously, Doyle can’t walk away from this case without any inspiration. While fighting for George’s freedom, he’ll meet a criminal mastermind who ultimately inspires the fictional character Professor Moriarty.

5. “Downton Abbey” Connections – Like many great series on PBS, this is a British import. The period drama originally aired on ITV, the same network that produces “Downton Abbey.” The “Downton” connections don’t stop there. Charles Edwards, who played Lady Edith’s love Michael Gregson, will star as Alfred Wood, Doyle’s secretary.

6. It’s Short – “Arthur & George” is one of dozens of new shows premiering this fall, but this isn’t a long commitment for viewers. With three 45-minute episodes, it’s perfect for audiences who already have a jam-packed fall schedule.

Watch the trailer for “Arthur & George” below:

“Arthur & George” will premiere on PBS on Sunday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT.