Mackay North State High School was evacuated last week due to asbestos concerns discovered in the school's twenty four rooms that students occupy.

A medicine expert stated in an interview that there is a little chance that students have been exposed to the risk of asbestos.

Later on, it was revealed that the issue has been the concern of the school since September.

Concerned parents, about 80 of them, has attended a school session last night voicing out complains and seeking an explanation from the school administration about why it took them so long for students to be evacuated.

We doctors are not knowledgeable enough as of the moment. We don't have tests that would be useful enough to know if students have breathed in the asbestos fibers or do anything about it., said Professor Keith Adam.

Parent Paul Roddy thinks that the session has somewhat gave some help.

I think a bit more of information about the process would be useful. Unfortunately, no one can really tell us what would be the effect of this exposure, but what we know is that they are serious about it.

The officials are still undergoing an investigation about the incident.