Ashton Kutcher has asked the media to stop publishing paparazzi photos of his infant daughter Wyatt Isabelle. In a Twitter message on Tuesday, the “Three and a Half Men” actor asked the media to “honor” his daughter's privacy.

The 37-year-old actor was responding to photos of his 7-month-old daughter that recently appeared in various media outlets. The actor had taken the baby out in Santa Barbara, California, on Monday and they got clicked by paparazzi. The published pictures, which can be seen here, show the actor and his parents enjoying a day out with little Wyatt. In the pictures, the actor does not seem aware of the fact that he is being photographed. The published pictures irked Kutcher and he went on Twitter to express his frustration with media.

"Why is it so hard for publications to respect that I would like the identity of my child kept private for safety reasons?" Kutcher tweeted on Tuesday. "Pls honor that." The actor and his wife Mila Kunis have been quite protective about their child's identity since the day she was born. Though the actor happily shared the news of his baby daughter's arrival on social media, he did not put her picture on Twitter. Instead the actor posted the pictures of six babies. "Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter? All babies are cute," Kutcher wrote on Twitter at that time.

The actor is not only protective about the identity of his baby but is also secretive about his relationship with Kunis. Despite living with the 31-year-old actress for some time, Kutcher has not announced if they are married or not. The “Jupiter Ascending” actress has been spotted wearing a huge ring on her finger as she appeared on various red carpets but has not said anything about her marital status at any occasion. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law in 2013 that blocks paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrities' children. The law has support from actors like Halle Berry, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner.

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