I just wanted to open up a little dialogue on the state of honesty. The state of truth. The status of truth as it pertains to literature and media, Kutcher said in a new video he recorded on social networking Web site Chime. But was it a message to his wife Demi Moore amidst rumors of cheating and divorce?

The Two and a Half Men star directed his spiel and deep-thought remarks about the status of integrity to the media, saying there is no such thing as media gatekeepers anymore and people are accountable for their own tales to tell.

Honesty in publishing has become the sole responsibility of the creator. Or should I say soul... he wrote in the description for the video.

In the nearly 4-minute long video monologue, an astute Ashton considers the history of the media and the repercussions social media and the Internet have had on spreading the message.

Because publishers had a limited amount of inventory, publishers held great scrutiny over what they would be willing to print - they were the gatekeepers of the truth. If it seemed like something wasn't the truth, they wouldn't print it because their reputation was on the line.

Kutcher continues on noting that since social media and the Internet dominate the newsroom, there is no cost to printing what can be perceived as a lie.

Thereby there is no gatekeeper of the truth. We are our own editors, we are our own publishers and we are our own printers. Thereby, people can bastardize the truth in any way, shape or form that they want and spread that around the world, he said.

He added, There's that old saying where a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can leave someone's lips... I was thinking that we really have to take it upon ourselves to instill a level of honesty in the works in the media that we create and share with one another and be certain that we are doing our own diligence that what we are saying is for the benefit of another.

While he was undoubtedly referring to rumors reported in the media surrounding a cheating scandal with a woman named Sarah Leal in San Diego last month and about a possible break-up between himself and wife of six years, Demi Moore, Kutcher was not wearing his wedding ring while speaking in the video.

Neither Kutcher nor Moore has spoken about the divorce reports. However, Kutcher, an avid social media user, tweeted a link to Public Enemy's Don't Believe the Hype last month following the emergence of split rumors.