The upcoming action-adventure movie “Assassin’s Creed” may be getting a new cast member. According to a new report, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander is in talks for a role in the movie -- and she may have to drop one of her other projects for the role.

Very few roles in the movie have been filled so far. According to a report by Deadline, Vikander may exit the Tom Hanks film “The Circle” in order to make room for “Assassin’s Creed.” The actress is said to be still negotiating with the producers.

The actress is also said to be in talks to appear in the next “Bourne” movie in which Matt Damon will reprise his role as a secret agent assassin with amnesia. The offers for roles in two big-budget Hollywood movies are said to have the actress and the studios working to align their schedules.

Vikander will appear in multiple movies in 2015, including “The Man from U.N.C.L.E,” “The Danish Girl,” “The Light Between Oceans,” “Adam Jones” and “Tulip Fever.” The production of “Assassin’s Creed” is expected to begin soon and the movie is slated to be released in December 2016.

The actress is also a cast member in “Ex Machina,” which is currently in many countries and will soon be playing in France and Italy. Vikander was recently seen in the fantasy adventure movie “Seventh Son” and is known for her performance in movies like “A Royal Affair” and “Anna Karenina.”

It is unclear what character she would play in “Assassin’s Creed.” The plot and the characters have still not been revealed by the producers. Cast member Michael Fassbender is expected to play the lead role. The actor is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Macbeth” and he will be seen next to Vikander in “The Light Between Oceans.”