Two of the best tablet deals for the price -- $400 -- are the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Sony Tablet S, because they are full- sized tablets with plenty of features.

Sony finally dropped the price of the Tablet S at the beginning of January, and has now followed that up by saying it would get the Android 4.0 update this spring, tech blog The Verge reported. Asus was the first tablet maker to get the new software update, but it was for the Transformer Prime, the follow-up to the well-received Transformer.

The Transformer will get the update as well, but like the Tablet S, there is no defined date. If you're looking for a new tablet but don't want to wait for the iPad 3, these two are good choices. They have the best price at $400 for what they offer. Other tablets, of course, are cheaper, but they don't offer things like a full gigabyte of memory, 1280x800p resolution and front and rear-facing cameras, features both the Tablet S and Transformer share. Likewise, both tablets have 16 gigabytes of storage, Wi-Fi and expandable memory card slots.

Where they differ is in some of the extras like external ports, but the Tablet S has a slightly smaller screen. It's 9.4 inches against the Transformer's 10.1. That also means it's lighter, however, by nearly one pound. Tablet S has a USB port, but the Transformer has a mini-HDMI port for plugging into an HDTV.

What gives the Tablet S an edge is it can be used as a universal remote control for your other wired gadgets with its infrared sensor. It can also stream content to any DLNA-supported devices like computers and HDTVs. Furthermore, if you are into games, the Tablet S is great because it comes with five free classic PlayStation games you can download from the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, that offer ends at the end of January. Using the Music Unlimited feature, you also get tons of free music on the Tablet S, but again, the offer expires at the end of January.

The Eee Pad Transformer is so named because there is a separately sold keyboard dock that turns the tablet into a notebook computer. It's an extra $150 and adds the keyboard, trackpad, two USB ports, another SD card slot and doubles the battery life of the tablet. Unless you covet the free games and want a lighter device, go for the Transformer. Even without the dock it's a better deal.

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