AT&T (NYSE: T) has launched a new wireless service for data, speech and text that doesn't require users to have a contract to get cell phone service. The wireless communications company is offering the no-contract service through a subsidiary called Aio Wireless.

In a statement released on Friday, AT&T said it plans to roll out the service in multiple markets across the U.S. over the next year, with an initial launch Friday in select stores in Houston, Orlando and Tampa, and with additional stores in these three markets opening in the coming weeks.

According to Aio Wireless President Jennifer Van Buskirk, the implementation of a no-contract service under the AT&T umbrella comes after the company commissioned a study that concluded customers prefer unlimited offers to contractual service obligations.

“We talked with no-annual-contract customers and created our service around what they want," Buskirk said in a statement. "They want simple, easy, plain choices with unlimited offers; first-class service at affordable prices; great devices; nationwide voice and data coverage; and no annual contracts. Today’s wireless customers don't want to compromise.”

Aio Wireless will offer customers three simple rate plans and a range of devices that includes smartphones, tablets and feature phones from a variety of manufacturers, including Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and others. Aio’s unlimited talk, text and data rate plans range from $35 to $70 per month, with pricing varying by market. The service will offer 4G download speeds of up to 4Mbs per second. Customers can also use compatible, unlocked devices on the Aio network.