The family of convicted Aurora, Colorado, movie theater gunman James Holmes released a statement following the Friday night verdicts in which he received life in prison without the possibility of parole and not the death penalty. The family, speaking through their attorney, said they are "so sorry that the victims and families have suffered such tremendous loss."

The statement comes after an emotionally trying day that put an end to a three-year saga that started with a shooting just after midnight during the premiere of a highly anticipated Batman movie release.

On July 20, 2012, Holmes entered a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in an Aurora theater. Twenty minutes into the showing he released noxious gas and began shooting moviegoers. He killed 12 and injured 70 others.

Speaking after the verdicts, Prosecutor George Brauchler addressed the media. "I am responsible for this decision, and responsible for our part in whatever outcome that we got in this case, and that was always true even before today," he said. "I would've liked a different outcome for the victims, and I've already apologized to them. But, whatever it was that we didn't do well enough to convince all 12, that's my responsibility and I own that."







The verdicts were read at approximately 5 p.m. Colorado local time. One by one, the judge read off the counts associated with the 12 murders Holmes had already been convicted of. The jury was unable to reach unanimous consent to giving Holmes the death penalty. Sobbing could be heard in the courtroom.

Jurors were told after the verdicts were read that they had no responsibility to speak to the media, but those who did described a tense and emotionally taxing deliberation behind closed doors in the jury room. Tears were shed while they determined whether or not to send Holmes, who was 24 at the time of the shooting, to his death. Of the jurors, nine supported execution, and two remained uncertain when they handed down their decision Friday afternoon.





Holmes did not testify, but plead not guilty because of insanity.

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