An Australian saltwater crocodile in a park near Sydney showed his disapproval of a noisy lawnmower by snatching it away from his keepers and hauling it into his pool. The 5-meter long crocodile Elvis, guarded the machine for about an hour before the keepers could retrieve it, badly chewed up, which also claimed two of the reptile's teeth.

Once he got it, he just sat there and guarded it,'' said Tim Faulkner, the park's Operations Manager. It was his prize, his trophy. If it moved, then he would attack it again.''

The park keepers eventually lured Elvis away from the lawnmower with some Kangaroo meat; however, the machine was completely mangled by the time it was recovered from the pool.

Elvis, who is believed to be 50 years old, has a long history of aggressive behavior. He gained notoriety when he ate two of his girlfriends at a farm where he was brought to, soon after his capture. Since then Elvis has been allowed the luxury of an enclosure all to himself.