Claire Murray, 24 from Perth who received controversial second liver transplant following the first failed one due to drug addiction died in a Singapore hospital.

She died after doctors switched off her life-support machine after a surgery to remove clots near her heart according to ABC report on Thursday.

After receiving a live liver transplant using part of her aunt Carolynn's liver just over two weeks ago, she developed complications.

Ms Murray's family was told by doctors that she had too many blood clots near her heart.

Ms Murray's liver transplant case made headlines after the Western Australian government granted her a $258,000 two-year interest-free loan to pay for her surgery, after her first taxpayer-funded liver transplant failed because of her heroin addiction.

On Wednesday, Ms Murray had undergone an eight-hour surgery.

It is believed she was accompanied at her bedside by her mother Val, her stepfather and her natural father Michael Murray.

Mr Murray flew to Singapore to be with her daughter on Wednesday after she was rushed back to intensive care on Tuesday.

Claire Murray leaves behind two children.