Holden Special Vehicles, the Australian luxury high performance car manufacturer, is planning to launch a souped-up version of its HSV Grange WM3. The new edition will come with a new set of technologies, which will make driving a pleasure. The first of the range of HSV Grange launched in 1997 set the standard for luxury motoring in Australia. The latest version of the iconic car will have new styling, and increased power. The new car will be out in the market by the end of September 2010.

According to the Australian car maker the new version is targeted at people who love the blend of hi-tech with luxury. It will be powered by 325-kW 6.2-liter LS3V8 engine and will feature the hi-flow intermediate exhaust with bi-modal rear mufflers as designed by Holden's R&D guys. In terms of design the new version will have a sleeker front and rear design. It will also incorporate the Daytime Running Lamps, a first in the cars from Holden. The aim is to make the car more dynamic looking so that it has younger and more hip takers. The updated car will have more road presence with its classy appearance and proportions. As the focus is on male buyers so the new edition will have more masculine looking details. In terms of technology the Grange will have Enhanced Driver Interface, an intuitive touch screen performance data interface to deliver real-time dynamics and performance data for the driver's reference. Besides it will also feature the Liquid Propane Injection technology, which will give the driver an option to drive the car in either LPG or regular unleaded petrol. The company expects this feature to find many takers as it means a reduced cost of running the car. It will also reduce the emission output by 15 percent. The car has been made safer with the Side Blind Zone Alert, which will alert the driver when some vehicle passing from the car's blind zone. This is the first time that an Australian made car has been fitted with such technology.