Credit: Mysterium

The claims of Prahlad Jani (Mataji), 83 saying he has been without food and water for over 70 years, have been strongly disputed by Australian scientists.

The Indian holy man's claim that he was nourished by a spiritual life force two weeks ago raised questions among the scientific community.

Mr Jani's claim has been proven valid by doctors at an Indian military institute who observed him for 15 days without food and drink, and he did not pass anything out from his body, not even urine.

Aloysa Hourigan, spokeswoman for Nutrition Australia says the claims are not reliable.

Fifteen days doesn't prove decades - he wouldn't survive without food or water, she said.

She stated that prior to starvation, the body will begin to experience vitamin deficiency, followed with failure of the heart and brain functions.

While it was possible for Mr Jani to reduce the rate of his body's metabolic processes through meditation, Ms Hourigan doubted he could go on doing so indefinitely.

Nutrition specialist, Anne McMahon of the University of Wollongong believed Mr Jani had possibly meditated during the observation session at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

However, it was highly improbable that his body did not produce at least some urine, even if he did not take in fluids.

She said the body's normal breaking down and repairing processes produce close to one and a half cup of fluid. Even during sleep, the body is working and the cells are passing out fluids.

The claims made by Mr Jani thus, said McMahon made no sense metabolically or physiologically.