Ava Sambora, the daughter of Heather Locklear, is feeling cheery despite her mother's recent meltdown that lead to a frantic 911 call and hospitalization.

Sambora, the 14-year-old child of Locklear from ex-husband Richie Sambora, was spotted Wednesday in Calabasas, Calif. wearing her Viewpoint Patriot cheerleading uniform and a giant smile.

I actually love wearing my cheer uniform to school, Sambora tweeted on Tuesday. Yayy its february!

It appears as though the teen model was in high spirits while her mother recovers.

Lockear reportedly was hospitalized early in January when she mixed wine and prescription medication. Rumors circulated that the meltdown was due to the break up with Jack Wagner, her boyfriend of four years and fiancé, though the exact reason is unclear.

She doesn't get out of bed most days, a source told Us Weekly. Jack kept her on the straight and narrow, but he couldn't keep Heather sober.

According to People magazine, Locklear is currently under a doctor's care, but not in rehab for she has decided for now to seek recovery without an in-patient program, according to a source.

Us Weekly said Locklear entered a treatment program, which her family was able to keep quiet.

Apparently, she has been getting tons of support from family, as Ava Sambora tweeted that her grandmother is in town on Thursday.


Her family and friends haven't given up hope, but they know that for her to get well, she has to want it for herself, a source told People. She's the only one who can do it.

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