Readers, who are interested in purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, can now avail a trade-in deal from Best Buy. This is a promotional deal targeting the holiday season.

The 2-in-1 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are apparently selling like hot cakes. As it turns out, when the tablets were made available last week, the stocks reportedly sold out in several retail stores. Many potential customers might own working tablets, 2-in-1 devices or laptops and they might still be interested in getting their hands on the new devices with top-of-the-shelf configurations. Seeing an opportunity here, Best Buy is now extending a promotional trade-in deal specific to the newly launched Surface tablets.

With this promo deal, buyers can trade-in their functional devices and get a maximum of $100 credit for the purchase of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. However, readers should note that this is a limited period deal and it expires on Nov. 7.

By trading-in a working device, Best Buy will reportedly offer a $10 gift card. Plus, based on the actual retail value of the old tablet, a maximum of $90 trade-in coupon can be availed from the retailer. This translates to a grand total of $100 credit, which can be utilized to buy the new Surface tablets. The coupon validity ends on Nov. 14.

In any case, Best Buy’s exchange deal does not cover e-readers like the Barnes and Noble Nook, Tech Times reported. Best Buy can also limit the trade-in deal quantity and it may not accept certain devices. The trade-in worthy devices can also vary from store to store. Therefore, readers are advised to check the retail store specific policies to avail this trade-in deal.

Speaking of Best Buy pricing, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book’s base versions cost $899.99 and $1499.99, respectively.