“Awkward” released a new trailer for Season 4B,  and it  doesn't look like Jenna handles the news of Eva’s pregnancy well. Sadie says, “As long as she’s knocked up, we’re shut down.”

In the first half of Season 4, Jenna discovered that Eva wasn’t really Eva Mansfield. She was actually Amber Horn. She had been hiding her identity because she was a homeschooled kid who stabbed another kid with a pencil at age 9. Naturally, no one believed Eva when she said she was pregnant. She had to show her positive pregnancy test.

Still, Jenna doesn’t seem to have too much sympathy for the girl. In the trailer, Jenna is shown telling Matty, “Please don’t ruin your life over this.”

"You are definitely overstepping," Matty says. Though Matty makes it clear that she is way out of line, he doesn’t seem to push her away. The trailer makes it clear that senior year means that it's "now or never" for the couple's relationship. It appears that Jenna and Matty will be getting friendly once again. They flirt, share Chinese food and even kiss in the trailer. Watch below:

Sure, Jenna is available since her college boyfriend Luke dumped her, but Matty is about to become a teenage father. It’s not really the best time for a new relationship.

“Awkward” Season 4 will premiere Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Can Jenna and Matty actually make their relationship work? Sound off in the comments section below!