“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 10 changed everything. The episode, titled “Monstrous,” reminded fans just how unpredictable the show can be. Find out who really started the deadpool and why Peter wants Scott dead.

Stiles ended up in the hospital after Brunski took him and Lydia hostage in the last episode. Melissa refused to let him leave the hospital, even though Stiles mentioned he still hasn’t been able to pay for his last visit. She brought Malia to his room and locked them in. They don’t understand why she locked them in, and Malia said that she must be stupid.

Stiles said, “Even smart people can do stupid things, because they think it’s the right thing.” It suddenly became an argument about their relationship instead of an argument about Melissa’s stupidity. Malia and Stiles made up after fighting about Stiles hiding her parentage from her. The two kissed and then the door mysteriously opened.

Stiles and Malia listened to the full tape of Brunski murdering Lorraine, Lydia’s grandma. Lorraine knew exactly what Brunski’s plan was. Malia’s supernatural hearing helped her hear the record player from Lydia’s lake house. Malia thought that Lorraine managed to predict all of the deadpool deaths. They headed out to the lake house to find more clues.

Stiles got frustrated with listening to the record player at the lake house. Lydia has been trying to figure out what was special about it all season. He decided that only a banshee could help. He turned it off, but Malia could still hear something else spinning. He followed the player's wire through the wall and pulled it out, which pulled out a huge portion of the wall and revealed old computer servers. The 1970s servers hold the deadpool.

They needed a key to turn it off. They called Lydia, but she didn’t know anything about 1970s computers. She asked to see the carpet and realized that there was no wine stain anymore. She told them that since her grandma’s ashes weren’t ashes and the record player wasn’t a record player, the wine might not have been wine. Malia smashed the bottle and found a key. They stopped the servers.

Scott and Kira didn’t have time to help Stiles and Malia since they were busy fighting off assassins again. Scott told Liam that Kira found Brett (a member of Satomi’s pack), but he realized that Liam wasn’t exactly ready to be a hero.

“You and your friends try to protect everyone Have you been doing this the whole time? I mean, how are you all still alive?” Liam asked.

“Not all of us are,” Scott said. Scott took him home instead of throwing the new wolf into another fight.

Scott and Kira had a passionate kiss after Kira found Satomi’s pack, which was down to maybe a dozen members after their massacre in episode 6. Scott said that they would need help, which was the perfect time for Chris Argent to appear again. He was in his greenhouse with a lot of plants (presumably, wolfsbane) and a singular yellow wolfsbane plant (Fans will remember Violet and Garret using the poisonous yellow wolfsbane in episode 5). Argent locked up the yellow wolfsbane before right before Scott came in with Satomi’s pack. Satomi didn’t trust Argent, but they had to deal with their differences. Argent and Satomi have met before, but they both have changed. Satomi was now trying not to live as a nonviolent creature and Argent was protecting werewolves. They’re all just trying to survive.

Derek decided that it was fair to kill anyone who came after them, and Scott almost followed his lead. A team of assassins that resembled SWAT team attacked them in Argent’s greenhouse. Scott nearly killed an assassin that went after him. A weird darkness came over his face, but Scott realized what he was doing before he killed the man. The killer’s phone rang with a text: “The Benefactor: All Contracts Terminated.”

Lydia spent most of the episode in the Sheriff’s office. Sheriff Stilinski questioned Meredith, but he didn’t really get anything out of her. He told Lydia that they needed to not only stop Meredith, but also stop the flow of money. Lydia refused to leave until the Sheriff let her talk to Meredith.

She didn’t understand why Meredith was the Benefactor. She helped them break into the deadpool, so she wanted to help. Meredith claimed that she still wanted to help, but she would only talk to Peter.

Peter just wanted to know where his money was. Meredith touched his face, and Peter asked why. “The burns, they’re all gone,” Meredith said. They met before, but Peter didn’t remember. He wanted to know why she put everyone on a hit list (and was sure to point out that his daughter was on the list), but Meredith claimed that Peter told her not to talk about it.

It looked like Peter started to choke her, but he was actually putting his claws into her neck. It allowed him to see Meredith’s life. Meredith started mumbling her story for Lydia to hear while Peter traveled through her dreams.

After the fire at the Hale house, Meredith was in the hospital with Peter. She could hear his every thought. He said, “Talia turned us into sheep…I will obliterate the weak and I will remake supernatural beings in my image.” Peter knew of assassins such as the Mute and the Chemist. He told Meredith how to use the money from the vault and how assassins could use a deadpool.

“Everyone can be corrupted by money!” Peter shouted at her.

The whole deadpool was Peter’s idea and he didn’t even remember. The Sheriff pointed a gun at his head. Peter said, “I was out of my mind…She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic. A former lunatic, I’m much healthier now.”

The Sheriff still doesn’t back down, but Lydia told him that he had to let Peter go. There was no actual charge, and the Sheriff would lose his job.

Meredith said that she had to put her own name on the deadpool because she heard Lydia scream for Allison. She knew it was the right time to start the deadpool. She also claimed that Peter was the alpha and he would make everything right. She said that supernatural beings were the monsters, even banshees like her and Lydia. “Not all monsters do monstrous things,” Lydia said.

The deadpool might be done, but Peter still has a plan. Kate asked if he wanted to bail on the plan. “Not when I’m this close. Not when I’m this close to killing Scott McCall,” Peter said. Most alphas acquire the position by killing another alpha. Peter wants to be the alpha again.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV (and episode 10 will repeat in that timeslot on Aug. 25). Meredith said Peter was the alpha, so does that mean his plan will succeed? Share your theories in the comments section below!