A 3-day-old baby parrot is making hearts melt.

A photo of the Edward's Fig Parrot being spoon-fed by bird curator Antonin Vaidl at the Zoo Praha in Prague shows the fragility and scale of the newborn parrot.

The parrot was hatched on April 5 and is a special sight since baby parrots are rarely seen or hatched in captivity, zoo representative Michal Stastny told Today.

Native of Papua New Guinea, there are about 100,000 Edward’s Fig Parrots in the world. When it’s full grown, its feathers will turn mostly green with a red neck and cheeks.

Last year, a baby parrot in Germany became popular for a sadder reason. Nelson, a deformed Kea parrot, was rejected by his parents and had to be cared for by zookeepers.

He was the only parrot to survive from three eggs hatched by his mother. The featherless chick dubbed the “ugliest bird in the world” for his half-alien, half-roasted chicken appearance, the Independent describes.

Good news for Nelson, he won’t stay ugly forever. Zookeepers say he will become an attractive full grown Kea parrot.