Ben Flajnik, the current star of The Bachelor, did it again: He held on to Courtney.

Monday night's hometown episode was chock-full of dramatic turns, as the show's host, Chris Harrison, promised in an interview last week.

The pecking order changes after hometown dates, more so on this season than in the past, he said. That week changes everything.

Everything, indeed.

Flajnik passed over Kacie, the 24-year-old baton-twirling administrative assistant from Clarksville, Tennessee in favor of Lindzi, Nicki and controversial contestant Courtney Robertson.

Flajnik wrote about the hometown experience on his People blog.

Man, was I nervous coming into hometown dates, he wrote. I liked all these women so much and the feelings of love were brewing for all of made me very uneasy.

Uneasy? Really?

Flajnik's decision to send Kacie packing has been met with a variety of fan responses on a Facebook page for The Bachelor. Some think he isn't good enough for Kacie and did her a favor by letting her go. Others are simply mystified as to why he keeps Courtney around.

One woman reminisced about a Bachelorette success story: I wish it would go back to the Trista (sic) and Ryan where there wasn't so much stupid and unnecessary drama! 

Fans may be outraged about Kacie's elimination, but Flajnik wrote on his blog that while he enjoyed meeting her parents he couldn't help but feel that he kept on disappointing them. Plus there was the whole issue of them not wanting their little girl to live with a man to whom she wasn't married.

Kacie was raised with more traditional values than I was and I felt like that would get between us in regards to her family, Flajnik wrote, adding,Parents' approval and permission is really important to me and I didn't feel like I got that from her family, though they were really kind and warm.

One fan did seem to get this, and wrote so on the Facebook page: I think Kacie's (sic) parents finished it for her. Too bad. I liked her. 

But what about that whole fake wedding bit with Courtney? She led him to an area where a wedding was being set up and pulled out rings, writing materials (for the vows, of course) and a bow tie for him to wear. They wrote and exchanged vows and she told him she loved him (His immediate response was wow).

My date with her felt really natural and I have to give her props because she was really bold to assume that I would play along with a mock wedding, he wrote. Little did I know how much this elaborate setting would allow her to pour her heart out. Hearing Courtney tell me she loves me made it all worth it.

It seems quite generous for him to describe the fake wedding move as bold when the average guy would probably describe it as psychotic.

To each his own.

Flajnik will soon get to introduce the remainders to his family, including his beloved mom and sister (his dad passed away about four years ago, according to his Bachelor bio). This episode should prove to be the real moneymaker, as fans will surely want to hear what Momma Flajnik has to say about who's coming to dinner.

An earlier version of this article misstated the episode in which Flajnik takes dates home to meet his mother.