New “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis is ready to find love … and viewers are ready to follow him on his journey! “The Bachelor” doesn’t premiere until Jan. 6, but ABC is hyping up fans by releasing information on the 27 bachelorettes who are looking to “capture the sexy single dad’s heart.” Are you ready to meet them?

While the network has yet to release photos for the 27 girls, they have revealed names, ages, occupations and locations:

Alexis – 24, communications director, Tampa, Fla.

Alli – 26, nanny, Chicago

Amy J. – 31, massage therapist, Los Angeles

Amy L. – 27, local news reporter, Orlando, Fla.

Andi – 26, federal prosecutor, Atlanta

Ashley – 25, grade school teacher, Dallas

Cassandra – 21, former NBA dancer, Rochester Hills, Mich.

Chantel – 27, account manager, San Diego

Chelsie – 24, science educator, Columbus, Ohio

Christine – 23, police support specialist, Miami

Christy – 24, marketing manager, Chicago

Clare – 31, hairstylist, Sacramento, Calif.

Danielle – 25, psychiatric nurse, St. Louis

Elise – 27, first-grade teacher, Forty Fort, Pa.

Kat – 29, medical sales rep, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kelly – 27, dog lover, Atlanta

Kylie – 23, interior designer, Rockford, Ill.

Lacy – 25, nursing home owner, La Jolla, Calif.

Lauren H. – 25, mineral coordinator, Oklahoma City

Lauren S. – 26, music composer, Austin, Texas

Lucy – 24, "free spirit," Santa Barbara, Calif.

Maggie – 24, personal banker, North Augusta, S.C.

Nikki – 26, pediatric nurse, Kansas City, Mo.

Renee – 32, real estate agent, Sarasota, Fla.

Sharleen – 29, opera singer, Heidelberg, Germany

Valerie – 26, personal trainer, Sutter, Calif.

Victoria – 24, legal assistant, Boca Raton, Fla.

[Click HERE to see photos of contestants Alli, Kat, Valerie And Kylie.]

For those unfamiliar with Juan Pablo, 32, he was a contestant on Desiree Hartsock’s “The Bachelorette” during summer 2013. Not racking up too much screen time and failing to win Desiree’s heart, Juan Pablo did succeed in driving “Bachelorette” viewers completely wild … which resulted in him becoming the next “Bachelor.” Born in New York, Juan Pablo grew up in Venezuela, where he developed a dreamy accent. Playing professional soccer overseas, he ultimately ended up moving to Miami when he found out that his girlfriend, Carla, was pregnant. Juan Pablo became a father on Feb. 13, 2009, when his daughter, Camilla, was born.

With Camilla now 4 years old, Juan Pablo’s ideal woman must love his daughter … and be a good dancer.

“I am confident I will definitely find my future wife and stepmom for Camilla,” Juan Pablo said of his role as the new “Bachelor.” “And I’m ready for it.”

“The Bachelor” premieres on ABC on Jan. 6 at 8 p.m., but fans can watch a “Bachelor” special, “Countdown to Juan Pablo” on Jan. 5 at 8 p.m.