It’s the moment “Bachelor” fans have been waiting for – “The Women Tell All” episode. Juan Pablo has only two contestants left fighting for his heart – Clare and Nikki – but before he can choose the woman of his dreams he must face his exes. And just as viewers hoped, a lot of the former bachelorettes are very unhappy with the 32-year-old single dad! Check out the top eight OMG (and jaw dropping) moments from episode 10, “The Women Tell All”:

Alli Vs. Renee

The girls all agree that Juan Pablo is good-looking, but that seems to be the only point where they can find common ground. Many of the women complained that the Bachelor didn’t try to get to know each of them, but Renee argued that their relationship was on a different platform because of their children. Explaining that it’s different when you’re a parent, Alli didn’t agree with Renee’s statement. The contestant called Renee out, telling her that she recalled a few times of the single mom returning from a date and complaining, “We didn’t get past Camila and Ben again.”

Kelly Vs. Lauren S.

“Bachelor” fans will remember Lauren S. is the composer who burst into tears after Juan Pablo refused to kiss her. Lauren S. returned in “The Women Tell All” to reveal that she didn’t feel Juan Pablo was genuine and that it was “hard to relate to him.” But Kelly disagreed with Lauren S., telling her that she’s acting very different now than she did in the house.

“I was emotional because I wanted to move our relationship forward or leave,” Lauren S. argued. But Kelly believes it’s just a case of “sour grapes.”

What Was Juan Pablo Looking For?

Not everyone believes that Juan Pablo was looking for love on the ABC dating show, but Andi doesn’t believe that’s the truth. Despite their falling out, Andi told Chris Harrison that she thinks he did want to find someone – but a girlfriend, not a wife, which is why all the women were there.

Clare’s Ocean Rendezvous

Clare’s ocean rendezvous with Juan Pablo was water cooler talk for weeks, and now the other women got to put their two cents in. According to Andi and Kat, who roomed with Clare at the time, they had no idea that she managed to sneak out – and gave her props for doing it. Most of the ladies agreed that they would have done the same thing if they were in Clare’s situation, but it was Kelly and Kat who argued that the hot tub scene was way more disrespectful than the ocean.

As for whether Juan Pablo handled the situation with Clare well, all the women believe that he didn’t. Sharleen even called it a “case of buyer's remorse,” and that he “didn’t man up the way he should have.”

Sharleen Tells All

Sharleen was hesitant with Juan Pablo from the start of the show, and toward the end she decided that no matter how much kissing they did, she just didn’t have a “cerebral” connection with him.

“I knew he wasn’t the one for me, ultimately,” Sharleen explained to Harrison. “I could see him as someone I could date very happily.”

The opera singer did acknowledge that their relationship was very physical and that she found him “curious,” but overall she has no regrets about leaving.

Renee Tells All

Renee was the last one to kiss him and made it all the way to hometown dates. But in the end she was cut, leaving Andi, Clare and Nikki as the final three.

“It’s hard to watch,” she dished to Harrison. “It’s tough.”

But would she have done anything differently? The single mom said she stands by everything that happened, but maybe would have tell him how she felt earlier. But right now she’s in a situation where she’s “very happy” – and wouldn’t reveal any more to “The Bachelor” host about it!

Andi Tells All

Andi and Juan Pablo ended their relationship on a sour note after their fantasy suite date in St. Lucia. And now Andi is clearing the air. The assistant attorney general dished that there was no denying that she really liked him and before the fantasy suite felt like she could fall in love with him. But it was what happened during the fantasy suite that took her off of cloud 9.

According to Andi, things were fine for a little while. But then everything began to focus on his soccer, his traveling and who he knew. And that’s not all. The bachelorette dished that there was a lot of negativity … about the whole “Bachelorette” process. Andi continued that he acted like he wasn’t grateful for the opportunity that had been given to him and that “I think he actually thinks he was a great ‘Bachelor.’’

But what really made Andi upset was that the comment he made to her about “barely beating out Renee.” “It’s offensive but it’s also really hurtful,” she explained, saying that she was shocked and appalled by his comments. Juan Pablo’s comments did lead her to regret one thing – not telling him she was hurt and instead choosing to close her eyes and fake sleep.

Juan Pablo Tells All

Finally facing his ex-girlfriends, Juan Pablo was forced to clear up a couple of issues – but not before saying “Hi Andi!”

On the Lauren S. kissing issue: “I’m not here to kiss 27 women. I’m here to see how I feel.”

On breaking up with Renee after hometown dates: Cassandra argued that he shouldn’t have met Renee’s son if he knew Renee wasn’t the one for him. But Juan Pablo argued: “Why?”

On his anti-gay remarks: Kelly, who comes from a parent who is gay, explained that she was hurt by his comments. But Juan Pablo argued that it was taken out of context and that he would like to speak with her after “The Women Tell All” episode.

“I will not waste four minutes,” he told her. “I’d rather talk to you for an hour.”

And for those doubting that he’s not homophobic, Sharleen came to his defense, saying that they’ve talked about equality and that he’s very open-minded.

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