Looking for love in all the wrong places? “The Bachelorette” star JoJo Fletcher found her knight in shining armor during Season 12 of the popular ABC series on Monday and you, too, can be so lucky.

Season 21 of “The Bachelor” is slated to begin filming soon, but first the network has to find a group of single women ready to take a shot at finding love with one lucky guy. Applying is easy — according to a casting website for “The Bachelor,” set up by Warner Bros., all you have to do is mail in an application along with a few photos of yourself. Those looking to better their chances of being chosen can include a video to showcase their personality and standout in the casting process.

ABC has provided helpful tips and tricks about filming your casting video which can be found HERE. Applicants should be ready to discuss their personal background, dating history and have some idea of their “ultimate fantasy date.” The network also asks that video submissions include fun facts, a close-up and a full body shot — all of which they claim are “very important.” “The Bachelor” fans can also nominate a friend or family member to be on the show. The nomination form can be found HERE and requires only that you include basic information, a photo of the person and a detailed explanation of why they should be on the show. All applicants must be United States citizens over the age of 21 who are not currently "involved in a committed intimate relationship" and have never been charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense of any kind. Applicants who have ever had restraining orders brought against them will not be considered. A full list of rules and exemptions can be found HERE.

It has yet to be confirmed who will be the star of “The Bachelor” in Season 21. A number of men once in the running for JoJo’s heart have been rumored to be in consideration for the role, though nothing has been made official at this time. On July 28, Entertainment Tonight reported that Chase McNary was talking with ABC about being “The Bachelor.” Chase told the publication that he was mulling over the idea, adding that he wasn’t “scared” but wanted to make sure it was the right decision for him. Luke Pell, who was competing alongside Chase on “The Bachelorette” in Season 12 for JoJo’s affections, is also said to be in the running.

[WARNING: “The Bachelorette” Season 12 finale spoilers ahead]

Although Jordan Rodgers is no longer an eligible bachelor after being chosen in the final rose ceremony on “The Bachelorette” on Monday, it was rumored that he was only ever on the show to have a shot at stardom. Prior to his big win it was rumored that Jordan, who is the brother of famed football player Aaron Rodgers, was only ever on the ABC dating show to get a shot at stardom. Sources told Us Weekly on June 29 that he knew he wanted to be famous after he was cut from the Miami Dolphins in 2014. Certain that his athleticism would not be the key to fame, Jordan set his sights on something easier — being “The Bachelor.” While these reports remain unconfirmed, Jordan now has no shot at appearing on the show.

ABC has not yet announced when “The Bachelor” will premiere. Will you be applying? Let us know!