Goodbye, Sin City! After an emotional rose ceremony in episode 4, Ben Higgins and his 11 remaining women will be hitting the road again. Next stop on the “Bachelor” tour of love? Mexico!

Ben’s journey to find his wife will take him to Mexico City in episode 5. With relationships starting to progress, Ben will be looking to further develop his connection with the Season 20 contestants.

“I’m becoming more and more confident that my wife could be in that group,” he tells the cameras in a preview. However, he’s also starting to realize that some of the women aren’t moving past the “friends” stage.

“I want to see if there is something more than just friendship,” Ben says over a clip of his date with Lauren H., “or I’m going to have to say goodbye.”

Potential heartbreak isn’t the only thing on the table in episode 5. Some of the women will begin to crack under the pressure. A preview of Monday’s episode reveals that Jubilee will act “erratic.” The other contestants in the house see a change in her behavior, and Ben does too. He pulls her aside to confront her about pulling away from him, which only results in tears from the 24-year-old war veteran.

“I feel like the most unlovable person in the world right now,” she cries during a confessional.

But that won’t be the most dramatic moment in the upcoming episode. It appears as if the women will turn on Olivia after her behavior and rude comments spiral out of control.

“I feel like it’s an episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ ” Olivia says in a clip, referring to fellow contestant Amanda having two children.

Amanda will tell Ben about being “targeted” by Olivia, and other women will jump in as well. But will Ben believe them? Or will Olivia be able to convince him that she’s not the villain that the others are making her out to be? Find out when “The Bachelor” Season 20, episode 5 airs on ABC on Monday, Feb. 1, at 8 p.m. EST.