“Bachelor in Paradise” experienced a major shake up during the premiere when contestant Michelle Kujawa decided to eliminate herself from the competition. The 30-year-old from Anaheim, California claimed that she wasn’t interested in developing a relationship with anybody in the cast – however she wasn’t telling the truth.

During episode 2, “Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison revealed that Michelle DID find love in paradise. But it wasn’t with one of the former “Bachelorette” alums … and it ended very badly.

Chris Harrison revealed that prior to filming, the cast members had been staying at a local hotel in Mexico. Michelle K began flirting with the man who was staying next door to her. And that man just happened to be Ryan Putz, a crewmember on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The day after the premiere rose ceremony, Chris Harrison visited Michelle K at her hotel room. But when Michelle K spotted the cameras she closed the door in Chris Harrison’s face. While she refused to talk to him, she told another producer on “Bachelor in Paradise” that she “cares” for Ryan and that he simply brought her floss and handpicked flowers. However Ryan told a different story.

A few days before filming, a cast handler named Lauren had knocked on Michelle K’s door and found her naked under a towel. Michelle K closed the door on her, but the “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant wasn’t alone in the room – she was with Ryan. Ryan panicked and hid on the balcony after Lauren knocked on the door. But his fear of being caught led him to jump off the balcony – which was a 25 ft. drop.

Ryan ended up breaking both his feet – and Michelle still refused to admit what happened.

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