“Bachelor in Paradise” is more like “Bachelor in Hell” for one former contestant. Marcus Grodd of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 1 claims that he’s not legally married to his co-star Lacy Faddoul. In fact, their fairytale reality TV romance is over!

Marcus, 27, revealed to Life & Style magazine that he and his bride had to fill out paperwork after their June 2015 nuptials, however, that never happened.

“When we came back, we were supposed to start the paperwork,” Marcus explained. “But she stalled.”

Things continued to go downhill when Marcus left for three months of basic Marine training. He claims that Lacy didn’t want to move in together when he returned and that she cut off communication with him two months ago.

“It feels like she’s a runaway bride,” he told the outlet. “We had this fantastic relationship, and then it totally vanished. It was like she ran away.”

Marcus initially joined the “Bachelor” franchise to woo Andi Dorfman on “The Bachelorette.” Although Marcus made it far, Andi ultimately ended things with him and got engaged to Josh Murray. Marcus was left heartbroken but joined “Bachelor in Paradise” to give love another shot.

His relationship with Lacy wasn’t drama-free on the show. Lacy surprised her co-stars by immediately attempting to form a connection with Robert Graham of Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette.” She was caught with her arms and legs wrapped around him in the water. But later that night, her co-stars found her having a romantic late-night swim with Marcus. Torn between two men during the premiere, Lacy made the decision to ask out Robert when she received a date card. But when it came to the night one elimination, Lacy threw off Robert by accepting Marcus’ rose.

Their relationship blossomed from there, and they returned in the Season 2 premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise” to tie-the-knot in front of the new cast. Host Chris Harrison officiated the intimate ceremony.

Lacy hasn’t responded to Marcus’ claims, although she still actively tweets about “The Bachelorette.”