Desiree Hartsock’s search for love continued on Monday, June 10, when “The Bachelorette” went into its third episode of the season. While last week's Ben-gate drama was definitely enough to keep everyone amused, the stakes were raised this week when an unexpected visitor came to the mansion -- Brian’s girlfriend! (Dun dun dunnn.)

Despite the rap in episode two about being on the show for “all the right reasons,” it seems like one of the guys was able to sneak by everyone. So, what happened in episode three? We’re breaking it down with our top five moments of the evening.

Dodgeball Fight

As viewers already know, tension between some of the guys in the house is already high. So, what better way to ease some of that tension than with a dodgeball fight? Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Zack and Ben are chosen to participate in this challenge (Chris Harrison’s message warned that “love is a battlefield”). Wearing matching short shorts, tank tops and tube socks, the guys are forced to play in front of a crowd with the winning team getting a special date with Desiree.

The game quickly got intense -- Ben was taunted and Brooks ended up breaking his finger in round three. The game came down to Chris and Zack, and Zack was crowned the dodgeball king when Chris takes one to the chest. Pure entertainment.

Fortunately Des didn’t punish the losing team and everyone was able to join her for the after party -- even a loopy Brooks, who’s broken puppy dog act gets him a kiss from Des. But just because Brooks was playing the injury card didn’t mean that he was getting the rose. In a surprise move, it went to Chris who had a great one-on-one date with Des at a private concert.

Bizarre News

Chris Harrison informs Desiree of some bizarre news -- that Brian has a girlfriend. The girlfriend in question is named Stephanie and according to her, Brian didn’t tell her that he was coming on a dating show. Instead he lied and said it was a business trip.

Des confronts Brian, asking if he needs to tell her anything. Brian tells her that his feelings for her are real, despite his last relationship ending a short time ago. Things heat up when he tells Des that he’s still friends with his ex, and Des fires back, “Do you know how she feels about it? Because she’s actually here.” Poor Brian had no idea that his girlfriend Stephanie was standing behind him. After a pretty amusing verbal showdown (Go Stephanie Go!) Brian is escorted out of “The Bachelorette” mansion, never to return.

Kasey’s Date

Who would want to go on a date after the Brian/Stephanie hurricane that just blew through? Kasey! Des whisked Kasey away for a date, during which they dangled on a side of a building before going to the rooftop for a romantic dinner that just didn’t work out. Jumping in a pool in the freezing weather, Kasey tried to warm Des up with a kiss but she just wasn’t feeling it. But in a shocking move she gave Kasey a rose anyway, allowing him one more chance to try to win her heart.

Juan Pablo Sweeps Us Off Our Feet

Last week Brooks totally swept viewers off their feet, and this week it was Juan Pablo that stole our heart. In a second group date the guys are given cowboy lessons courtesy of the stunt team behind the new Disney film “The Lone Ranger.” (Sadly Johnny Depp did not appear to steal Des away.) Tasked with rescuing Des in a damsel in distress situation, Juan Pablo had us swooning when he does it all in Spanish. Des obviously felt the same way because she stole him away for some quality one-on-one time. The one-on-one date was an early screening of “The Lone Ranger,” which is definitely not as exciting as some of her other dates -- but Juan Pablo and Des got some serious macking squeezed in.

Ben’s Villainous Ways

Ben continued his villain act this week. Definitely not learning his lesson from last week about stealing time with Des, he approached the bachelorette for a mini one-on-one date before the pool party. Jumping in her Bentley for a 15-minute car ride, the guys at the house become suspicious when they notice that not only is Des late -- but Ben is missing. Kasey and Mikey catch Ben kissing Des when they return to the house, and Kasey later warns Ben that they are not going to be friends. 

The Rose Ceremony

Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael G., Mikey T. and Ben were all safe this week. Brandon and Dan were sent home in week three at the end of the rose ceremony.

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