“The Bachelorette” aired part one of its two part finale on Monday, and it was a doozy. Although Desiree’s dates with Drew and Chris both went well in the first hour of the episode, the second hour was a date from hell with Brooks. With lots of tears and the microphones barely picking up anything but sniffling, Brooks eliminated himself, breaking things off with Desiree.

Desiree finally told Brooks “I love you” during the episode – so what does it mean for the finale?

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Since the new season began, Reality Steve revealed that Brooks will walk away the winner of Desiree’s heart; however, the July 29 episode kind of throws a wrench in that. Brooks appeared to be heartbroken himself by the end of the part one finale, crying and telling the cameras that it was the worst day of his life.

A source told Us Weekly that Brooks “regretted his choice almost immediately.” So does that mean that he will return for Desiree’s heart? And will Desiree accept his apology and take him back? Many seem to speculate that is what will happen, based on ABC’s decision to move the “Men Tell All” episode and split the finale into two parts.

“The Men Tell All” episode aired on July 22, but based on previous seasons, viewers were prepared for it to air on July 29, right before the season finale. Fans didn’t think too much of the episode switch up when host Chris Harrison teased that the finale was split because “it’s the most emotionally intense ‘Bachelorette’ finale in the show’s history.”

Reality Steve posted earlier this week that even though we watched Brooks get into the limo, it’s likely that he never left Antigua and will return at some point. Reality Steve did add a disclaimer, explaining: “That’s my best guess at this point. Could I be way off? Sure. But the picture is starting to become a little clearer for the time being.” (Reality Steve initially thought that the final three for Desiree’s heart were Zak, Drew and Brooks.)

To further fuel rumors that Brooks does return, an insider told Life & Style magazine that Desiree did accept a marriage proposal in the finale and that she was “over the moon.” While both Drew and Chris said they would propose to her, Desiree’s confession to Brooks at the end of the part one finale made it seem like she didn’t see herself settling down with her two other men.

Others speculate that Desiree was equally serious about Drew, but worried that he couldn’t be as spontaneous as she’d like him to be. The drama will end on Aug. 5 and Desiree’s decision will be revealed. Do you think Brooks will return? Will Desiree pick another guy? Is she really engaged or does she end up alone? Let us know your thoughts and speculation in the comments section.