Andi Dorfman is back! Season 10 of “The Bachelorette” premiered on Monday, and viewers once again fell head over heels for the 26-year-old assistant district attorney.

But before fans could dive into the upcoming drama, the reality show took the time to honor 31-year-old Eric Hill, the contestant who was killed during a paragliding accident in late April. “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison described Eric as a “vibrant man.”

“Every day he impressed us with his passion and courageous spirit,” Harrison said of the world traveler. “He will be greatly missed.”

The 2014 season of “The Bachelorette” kicked off with Andi in her hometown of Atlanta. While the brunette beauty didn’t find love with Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor,” she’s giving up her job for a chance to fall in love – and she’s ready to meet the man of her dreams.

“I could be engaged by summer,” she tells the cameras with a smile stretched across her face. “Crazy.”

Andi’s sister comes to help her get ready for first night (and helps her choose a gorgeous gown over a tacky gold prom dress), and with a half hour cut from the premiere episode we’re already at the point of the limo arrivals for the 25 guys vying for Andi’s heart.

First out of the limo is Marcus, 25, of Medicine Hat, Alberta. A sports medicine manager, Andi’s already drooling – calling him “hot” as he walks away. Second up is Chris, 32, of Iowa, followed by JJ, 30, a “pantsapreneur” who is ready to kick off the “love quest,” and Marquel, 26, of Rialto, California.

Tasos, 30, makes a romantic gesture during his first meeting with Andi. Explaining “Lovers Bridge” in Paris, Tasos makes the bachelorette help him put a lock on a gate and throw the key into the fountain for good luck.  

Things get cheesy when Cody, 28, shows up pushing the limo up the driveway. Unfortunately the personal trainer fails in showing off his strength to Andi, because she calls him out for being out of breath after that short push.

Steven, 30, of Meadow Vista, California, displayed his Cali charm; Rudie, 31, tried to play some “attorney humor” (as if that exists); and Carl, 30, who looks strangely like Andrew Lincoln of “The Walking Dead,” gave Andi a miniature globe as she begins her journey.

Jason M.D., 35, a doctor, gets eyes rolling with his joke about how Andi must have a fever because she looks pretty hot. Shy Nick V., 33, has Andi complimenting the way he rocks a suit; and Dylan, 26, is the first one to have verbal diarrhea, accidentally telling the bachelorette that he needs “space” before apologizing and saying he’s nervous.

Patrick, 29, manages to have a first with Andi as well – bringing up Juan Pablo by exiting the limo with a soccer ball. “I assure you I’m nothing like the last guy you knew that played soccer,” he promises her. (We hope so.)

Andi's now a little over halfway through with meeting her 25 guys, and Emil, 33, gets her to blush by mentioning “anal”…  as a way to remember his name. “Just remember that,” he tells her. And Andi counters that she won’t forget.

Brett, 29, also brought the laughs with his entrance. Not wanting to show up empty-handed, he decided to bring with him the lamp from his hotel room. Craig, 29, may or may not have shown up drunk. Spraying champagne as he exited the limo, he proceeded to give Andi a bear hug, telling her that he’s a hugger.

Next up was Ron, 28, followed by Bradley, 32, who is basically Sharleen 2.0 since he’s an opera singer. The only twist is that he wants to serenade Andi, when Sharleen basically refused to sing for Juan Pablo during "The Bachelor."

Josh B., 29, basically undressed Andi with his eyes, while professional golfer Nick S., 27, rolled up in a golf cart. Brian, 27, hopped out of the limo next, followed by Andrew, 30, who believes he’s destined to be with Andi since their names have a nice ring to it. Mike, 29, wasn’t having a good hair day when he exited the limo, but more importantly he seemed to lack chemistry with the bachelorette. Pretending like he met her in a natural setting, he proceeded to introduce himself as “Camps” and hand over his phone number on a sheet of paper.

The final two to exit the limo was Eric, 31, who gave Andi two dolls that were given to him by a little girl in Peru; and Josh M., 29, who Andi admitted was definitely her type.

From that point on Andi joined the guys for a cocktail inside and a chance to get to know them. But in usual “Bachelorette” fashion, Harrison arrived to add some stress to the game – in the form of the first impression rose.

Marquel showed Andi his sweet side by doing a cookie tasting with her, JJ the “pantsapreneur” brought Andi a pair of pants made from the first fabric he ever used, while Eric opened up about his journey to travel to all 195 countries. And while the guys fought for her attention and for a chance to stay in the house, Andi had a party crasher trying to enter the grounds – Chris Bukowski (a Josh Holloway lookalike) of Emily's season of "The Bachelorette."

The security guard wanted to escort Chris Bukowski out (and hold onto the bouquet of roses that he brought for Andi) but “The Bachelorette” alum begged one of the producers for a chance. Harrison brought his request to Andi, leading the bachelorette to go back and forth with the thought that her future husband could be in the driveway. But Andi ultimately decided that she didn’t want to upset the group of guys she had.

Bukowski seemed devastated by Andi’s decision, telling “The Bachelorette” host that he basically stalked the house for seven days to find out when filming began. And while he told everyone that he “can’t just walk away,” he ended up doing just that after getting Harrison to promise to bring Andi the flowers.

Andi proceeded to get to know the guys, hitting golf balls with Nick S. and listening to Tasos speak French. Sparks seemed to fly between Nick V. and Andi when he talked about his 10 siblings; and Andi couldn’t deny the attraction she felt for Marcus and his “piercing eyes.”

But who got the first impression rose? None other than shy Nick V. The 33-year-old is a software sales executive from Waukesha, Wisconsin, and was completely shocked to be receiving the rose. Andi explained that he left a lasting impression on her after stepping out of the limo, and Nick V. accepted the rose with pleasure.

Bachelorette Nick V. received the first impression rose in Season 10 of "The Bachelorette." Photo: ABC

“Still not quite sure what I did,” he told the cameras with a grin on his face. Shocked about his luck, the contestant tried to play it off by saying he thinks the only reason he received the rose was because she felt bad about him being so nervous.

With the first impression rose out, it was time for Andi to make the hard decisions – the first elimination of the 2014 “Bachelorette” season!

Besides Nick V., JJ the “pantsapreneur” was the first person to get the rose in episode 1. Andi then gave roses to Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M., Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan, Brett, Patrick and Cody. The final guy to get a rose was Nick S.

Rudie, Mike, Josh B., Emil, Jason M.D., and Steven were eliminated in the premiere – and not everyone took it well.

“This is a curveball,” Rudie told the cameras, explaining that everyone told him that he was going to get married to Andi and have kids.

Jason M.D. dished that it was difficult not to hear his name called, and revealed that he doesn’t have a “whole lot” to go back home to.

Josh B. actually got watery eyed … before going on a crazy rant about how embarrassing the experience was. “Gonna call my parents up tomorrow to be like, ‘Yeah, that sucked,’” he told the cameras, sour of how the situation turned out. “This is stupid.”

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Bachelorette Josh B. had a meltdown after getting eliminated during the Season 10 premiere of "The Bachelorette." Photo: ABC