Who is ready to fall in love? “The Bachelorette” is returning to ABC on May 19, and Andi Dorfman is set for the challenge. The network has released the first promo video for the upcoming season, and it is just as sassy (and utterly handsome) as fans were hoping for.

The promo video rehashes Andi’s time on “The Bachelor,” highlighting Juan Pablo’s “it’s OK” fiasco. “On the bachelor she was the one who went there,” teases the trailer, cutting to a clip of Andi’s confrontation with the Latino heartthrob after her fantasy suite date.

“Don’t say ‘its OK’ ever again. It’s not OK,” Andi warned Juan Pablo last season on “The Bachelor.”

But on May 19 everything will be OK because Andi is back on the reality show to “meet the man of her dreams.”

Andi will be the center of attention for 25 guys looking for a chance to win her heart, but as the promo video explains, she’s “only looking for one to light up her life.”

ABC has yet to release the contestant lineup of the 25 eligible men, but fans can get a quick look at some of them in a clip of the limo arrivals. One after another the handsome men exit the black limos to meet the bachelorette. And in usual “Bachelorette” fashion, some of the entrances are … unique.

From a gentleman holding a soccer ball (perhaps another reference to Juan Pablo), to a champagne-spraying bachelor, it appears as if Andi will have her hands full. But that wasn’t the oddest entrances. One contestant pulls up in front of “The Bachelorette” mansion on a golf cart while another gets out of the limo holding a giant floor lamp.

“What better than a lamp?” the mysterious contestant says to Andi. And while Andi does chuckle, she tells him that “we need to return this to the hotel.”

“The Bachelorette” premieres on ABC on May 19 at a special time, 9:30 EDT. Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.