There is nothing more exciting for “Bachelorette” fans than when ABC releases the season contestant bios. It’s a time to troll the hotties, pick favorites and -- of course -- make fun of some of the ridiculous and sometimes inappropriate things that the men admit. Ahead of the Season 11 premiere Monday, we’re breaking down the 13 most ridiculous and hilarious things some of Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s guys admitted about themselves:

1. Bradley

As “The Bachelorette” viewers know, the point of the show is to find love. So it’s pretty bizarre that Bradley would use his bio to explain that he’d love to be Tom Brady for a day so that he could play an NFL game … and “then go home to Gisele.” Classy, Bradley.

Bradley "The Bachelorette" contestant Bradley Photo: ABC

2. Brady

The “explosive diarrhea” strikes again. This is a running fear for contestants on both “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” But what are these people eating on dates that this is such a huge fear?!

Brady "The Bachelorette" contestant Brady Photo: ABC

3. Chris

So right off the bat we know Chris is not good at sharing. The 28-year-old dentist claims his biggest fear is if “the girl tries to eat my food.”  Don’t even bother asking for a bite of my dessert later then.

Chris "The Bachelorette" contestant Chris Photo: ABC

4. Clint

Clint would want to be Chuck Norris for the day “for obvious reasons.” You win, Clint.

Clint "The Bachelorette" contestant Clint Photo: ABC

5. Cory

Cory’s biggest date fear: “Finding out my date’s really a dude.”

Cory "The Bachelorette" contestant Cory Photo: ABC

6. J.J.

Poor J.J. must have had a traumatic past dating experience that involved him paying for a woman’s meal and the relationship not working out. He says his biggest date fear is “wasting my time and money on someone who was just using me for dinner.” Where is the 32-year-old investment banker taking these women? Is he the king of dinner reservations?!

Side note: J.J. also uses the phrase “as cool as the other side of the pillow.”

JJ "The Bachelorette" contestant JJ Photo: ABC

7. Jonathan

Watch out, ladies! Jonathan wants you to know that he’s a lover in between the sheets and out.

“I try to always listen and attend to a woman’s needs,” he wrote of whether or not he considers himself romantic. "Not just in the bedroom, but all around."

Jonathan "The Bachelorette" contestant Jonathan Photo: ABC

8. Josh S

Team Josh S just because his occupation is law student/ exotic dancer. His bio says that his greatest accomplishment is “graduating from law school” -- so fingers crossed he’s still keeping his gig as an exotic dancer. Also, someone dig up video footage of that.

JoshS "The Bachelorette" contestant Josh S. Photo: ABC

9. Josh A

Code red! We’ve got a contestant with some serious mommy issues here. His biggest date fear is having his mom walk in, hold a tissue to his nose and order him to blow.

JosHA "The Bachelorette" contestant Josh A. Photo: ABC

10. Kupah

Don’t question Kupah on whether he’s serious about getting married. For this 32-year-old entrepreneur, marriage is “FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVEEEEEEEER.”

Kupah "The Bachelorette" contestant Kupah Photo: ABC

11. Ryan B

Ryan B sounds like a good time. He says one of his most embarrassing moments is accidentally tweeting a picture that was meant for his girlfriend. Can we assume it was a naughty photo?

RyanB "The Bachelorette" contestant Ryan B. Photo: ABC

12. Shawn B

Shawn B is either One Direction’s biggest fan or a sarcastic jerk who is going to get on the bad side of the “Bachelorette"/Directioners fan base. Under favorite musical artists, he listed “obviously, One Direction.” After the heartbreak of Zayn Malik leaving we can’t take any more “One Direction” shade, Shawn B. You better have good intentions.

ShawnB "The Bachelorette" contestant Shawn B. Photo: ABC

13. Shawn E

So. Many. Questions. Shawn E’s bio states he’s an “amateur sex coach.” What does that job entail? When did he start it? When does he get to move from amateur to professional sex coach? Why is he only an amateur? Does that make him an amateur in the bedroom? Does he critique the women he’s with when he’s in the bedroom? Does he use his occupation as a pick up line -- and does it work? WE NEED ANSWERS.

Shawn E "The Bachelorette" contestant Shawn E. Photo: ABC

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