If you thought Ben Higgins’ season finale of “The Bachelor” was dramatic, wait until you see the teaser for JoJo Fletcher’s finale of “The Bachelorette.” Even though eight guys are still in the running for her heart, ABC aired a preview Monday night of the tearful final rose ceremony.

Jordan, Derek, Robby, Luke, Chase, Alex, James and Wells are the remaining players in the game, which means JoJo still has a few weeks to go before facing her top two men in the last episode. With the departure of Chad the week before, viewers thought the drama in the house would die down. However, that was the opposite of what happened in episode 5. New issues sprang up, dividing the house and creating jealousy. A teaser reveals that things won’t get any better in the next few weeks.

“I feel like I’m having a panic attack,” JoJo says in one tearful clip from the final rose ceremony.

Although the video doesn’t show which two cast members make it to the end, it’s clear that JoJo has developed some pretty strong feelings. The issue, though, is that one of the men may not have been completely truthful with her.

“I fell in love with you,” she says to her mysterious suitor. “And I still love you, but what you did to me … it’s not right. But I wanted you to know it’s really hard for me not to accept this love.”

What could JoJo be referring to? This past week she confronted front-runner Jordan about his previous relationship after running into one of his ex-girlfriends. His ex said there were trust issues in the relationship, which made JoJo ask if he was ever unfaithful. Jordan denied cheating on his ex, instead claiming that he was too focused on football to put the time into his then-girlfriend. Jordan insisted that things had changed since then, and JoJo appeared to understand.

Off-screen, there is some drama surrounding Robby, who just had a romantic one-on-one date with JoJo in episode 5. Robby’s ex claims they were in a serious relationship but that he broke things off with her when a producer called to tell him he had landed a spot on “The Bachelorette.”

Will one of these issues influence JoJo’s decision? Watch the sneak peek clips below and catch “The Bachelorette” when it airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.