This season of The Bachelorette has seen one of reality television's biggest villains.

Ashley Hebert, who hails from Maine, is on her quest to find her husband among a slew of potential suitors.

In Monday's episode, which attracted eight million viewers, Herbert got her heart broken by the man she was falling for.

 The episode was a series of embarrassing moments as well as the man she was falling for, Bentley Williams, playing her.

I'm extremely humiliated, Hebert told He had intentions to really hurt me - and he did.

Williams is from the Salt Lake City area. He sweet-talked his way into Hebert's heart, but in front of the cameras, during his interview sessions, he admitted he was going to leave the show because ,I don't care about Ashley at all.

From the beginning, Williams expressed his disappointment in that Hebert was the bachelorette rather than the breathtakingly beautiful Emily Maynard, who was also a former contestant on The Bachelor>

Williams went as far as to call Hebert an ugly duckling.

According to, Hebert did not know about Bentley's remarks behind her back until the show aired in May.

I got played, Ashley told just as maybe every woman in America has been played.