The bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, is now down to the final two after the great Fiji weekend and the ‘fantasy suite dates’. Ben Flajnik and J.P. Rosenbaum are the last two bachelors on the show.

The third bachelor Constantine Tzortzis left the show. It was one of the most graceful exits .“Constantine gives what may be the most honest, intelligent, grounded speech in the history of this ridiculous franchise”, according to the The EW reviewer and many viewers tend to agree.

In effect he said that he had too much respect for her and her family to accept the fantasy card as he was not 100 percent sure he was in love with her . Ashley herself had commented earlier on the show that the relationship was not moving forward, so it was goodbye time for Constantine.

In this episode Ryan Park was reintroduced because he thought he deserved a second chance and did not get enough time to present his feelings earlier. Ashley did not seem very taken with the idea (neither were the viewers) and Ryan got his TV time but it was a no-go with Ashley.

Ashley’s date with Ben on a yacht was hot and sizzling and he made it clear that he was available and ready to carry it to the ‘next level.’

JP appeared a little too sure of himself and said he wanted it to be over and, “ want it to be me”. Going by the chemistry between the two, and Ashley’s leanings towards his good looks and charm, it might come to that. “Sometimes you don’t need 20 dates to know how you feel about somebody. And with JP, after the first date I knew things would get pretty serious,” was Ashley’s comment.

The audience poll on shows JP getting y 71 per cent of the votes compared to 27 per cent for Ben.

The show format is a little different this time with the Men Tell All to be aired on July 31, ie next Sunday. The following night, Monday, August 1, is the finale. Immediately following the finale is the After the Final Rose special.

Ahead we see Ashley, Ben, and JP staying in Fiji. The men will meet her parents, brother, and sister. We hear JP tell Ashley he is madly in love with her and Ben says he is in love with her too. Ashley’s sister says Ashley is too much for one of the guys. Who could that be?

This is season seven of the show, which was restarted in 2008 after a gap of three years.( it stopped in 2005). The finale of the season one of the Bachelorette in 2003 was one of the most-watched programs in the history of reality television, 30 million people tuned in to watch the show ( Trista Rehn from this season married Ryan Stutter from the show in December 2003, as of 2011, they are still together and have two children.