WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding Season 8 of ABC's The Bachelorette starring Emily Maynard.

Emily Maynard is quickly eliminating more and more bachelors each week as Season 8 of ABC's The Bachelorette inches closer to the Final Rose Ceremony. Recently leaked spoilers hint at Maynard's final two men.

WetPaint honed in on a recently published article in Us Weekly about Maynard. Although the article delves into rumors about Maynard's diva personality, plastic surgery procedures and gold-digging habits, the article also reveals some information on her relationship with Bachelorette contestant and race car driver, Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

During shooting of The Bachelorette, Maynard reportedly learns that Luyendyk dated one of The Bachelorette producers, Cassie Lambert, in 2003.

She was livid, the source tells Us Weekly. She cut him right then and there. Her ego was shot. The source also claims Emily briefly stopped speaking to the producer. She was Emily's confidante. Emily felt betrayed.

The focal point of this revelation is, of course, she cut him right then and there. However, WetPaint notes that this might not necessarily mean an elimination.

And now, Us is saying Emily cut Arie right there, says WetPaint. But it sounds like Arie didn't go home right away, so maybe he tried to make another play to win her heart -- people come back in the end for another shot all the time. So, it's still not really clear what's going to happen after Em gets to her final three.

The entertainment website caught up with Luyendyk's best friend, Kristina Owen, to find out more about Luyendyk's relationship with Lambert.

People assume it was this really intense, long-term relationship -- but that's not the case, Owen tells WetPaint. The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. It was in 2003 so Arie was really young. She was an Indiana girl and knew a lot about racing. She drank beer and hung with the boys. But Arie told me it was never a relationship. Like I said, I've been one of his best friends for ages and I've never even heard her name until now.

Owen insists that, although Maynard was made aware of her friend's former relationship with The Bachelorette producer, what's been reported isn't what really happened. Not even close.

If Luyendyk does, in fact, get eliminated then that leaves the purported final two men -- Sean Lowe and Jef Holm.

WetPaint previously uncovered the final four bachelors Maynard chooses. We already know who makes it into her final four: philanthropist sk8er boy Jef Holm, hunky Texas fitness model Sean Lowe, Dutch-born car racer Arie Luyendyk, Jr., and Chicago sports marketer Chris Bukowski, wrote WetPaint. The website also added that Maynard sends Bukowski back home to Chicago, narrowing down her top three to Holm, Lowe and Luyendyk.

According to the Bachelorette Blog, a source close to Lowe contacted the blog and revealed that Lowe is chosen at Maynard's last pick at the Final Rose Ceremony.

Only time will tell if these spoilers are true.