Former "Bachelorette" star Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiancé Shawn Booth are still trying to figure out wedding details. The pair got engaged in July on the Season 11 finale of the ABC dating show, and so far has not set a date or picked a location.

However, Kaitlyn told ET Canada Thursday, while playing a newlywed game, that she has been using Pinterest to get ideas of what she wants her big day to be like. The 30-year-old dance instructor also said she and Shawn have talked about whether they want their nuptials to be televised.

“It seems like it would be fun, and everyone can come and be there, and it would be a big event," she said. "I think if we did that, we would probably have a little intimate wedding after.” 

Last month, Shawn opened up about his engagement telling E! Online that the reason they haven't set a date yet is because they're "all over the place" and enjoying their time together.

“We’ve actually probably spent no more than four hours apart from each other since the finale,” the 28-year-old personal trainer revealed. “We’ve been with each other every single day since then… Every day we learn more about each other. She’s an amazing person and she’s 100 percent wife material.” 

According to the outlet, Shawn and Kaitlyn will finally hammer down a wedding date "after the New Year."

As previously reported, Kaitlyn lashed out at critics in October for speculating that her relationship to Shawn was a sham and they were faking it for the cameras. When a fan tweeted asking her about the rumors, the reality star responded, "Shame on you for believing that crap!"

Check out the video below of Kaitlyn and Shawn playing the newlywed game: