July is halfway over and is headed into August, which means the Fall semester is near. Millions of college students have already started to prepare to head back to school. The beginning of the academic calendar is varied across the country, so every student will need to make sure they have planned their schedules accordingly.

There are over 4,140 colleges in the United States and over 17.4 million students enrolled according to a report published by InfoPlease in 2005. And those students will be headed back to school ranging from the beginning of August to early September.

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College start dates varied from schools located across the East and West coasts. Most colleges had a start date of August. The latest date that a college started their first day was mid-Sept. Most colleges and universities had their start date listed on the school’s website. Students can find the listed dates by clicking on the academic calendar section.

These colleges from east to west coast are listed alongside their respective start dates for the Fall 2017 semester:

Yale University  (Ivy League Schools) — Aug. 30

City University of New York, Bernard M. Baruch College — Aug. 25

University of Washington — Sept. 27

Rice University  — Aug. 21

University of Virginia — Aug. 22

Harvard University — Aug. 30

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  — Sept. 6

Stanford University — Aug.28 

University of California at Berkeley (UC School System) — Aug. 16

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (Big Ten) — Sept. 5

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Start dates at prospective universities varied so be sure to check academic calendars online or around campus. If students are unsure of the dates, they should ask assigned advisers or the campus advising center department. If that doesn’t work, students can head to their universities registrar office where they can be helped by faculty.

51779405-1 Students are gearing up to head back to school for the fall semester in August. Marilyn Manson is pictured above speaking to students at Temple University's 'Art & Society' class during a taping of mtvU's 'Stand In' special, November 22, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Getty Images