That was some ending! The final moments of episode 5  of "Into the Badlands" were action-packed -- Sunny (Daniel Wu) had a blockbuster duel with the Widow (Emily Beecham), who showed up at the Fort to save Tilda (Ally Ioannides), and everyone, including Quinn (Marton Csokas), got to see the full extent of M.K.'s (Aramis Knight) powers. The target on both Sunny and M.K.'s backs has never been bigger. It is about time they got out of the Badlands!

Series star Daniel Wu, who plays the deadly Clipper Sunny in the series, spoke with International Business Times to discuss Sunny's next move, his relationship with Quinn, and what M.K.'s little demonstration means for everyone in the Badlands:

International Business Times: Episode 5 began with Sunny having a nightmare that he could not trust M.K. or keep the boy's under control. When he is staring at M.K. in the dungeon in the last scene after M.K. kills the other Colt, what is going through his mind?

Daniel Wu: I think Sunny is trying to figure out if M.K. is going to be a useful tool to help get out of the Badlands or not and a key element to all of that is controlling that power and Sunny doesn't know how to control it. The training process is him trying to figure that out, but the only way he can really know is to experience it. He experienced it once and got nailed by it. Then, later in the dream sequence he has the fear of this possibly killing him. 

M.K. is essentially a nuclear bomb and Sunny is trying to figure out the codes. Everyone wants him for that same reason. If you look at the bigger world everyone is trying to figure out the formula to have that ultimate power. The Widow wants it and now Quinn has seen it and is dying for it. Sunny has the purest intentions because he needs it to get Veil (Madeleine Mantock) out of the Badlands and in that tunnel he actually forgoes killing the Widow to check on M.K. because he feels that is the most important thing to him. Unfortunately, that lets the Widow get away. 

Watch Sunny and the Widow's dazzling episode 5 showdown below:

IBT: Is Sunny scared of M.K. in some ways?

Wu: Definitely, because if M.K. goes off and kills Sunny and Veil and the baby then what is the point, right? ... First of all, he is still trying to figure out if M.K. is as honest and pure as he seems. He lies a lot. He hides a lot. So, Sunny is not sure if this kid has true intention.

Then, there are a lot more things keeping him the Badlands outside of that. He still has this allegiance to Quinn even though Quinn is going crazy because Quinn raised him. It is kind of like the mafia. Sunny has been Quinn's right-hand man for so long and he sees this guy who has cared for him and loved him and maybe he even loves him back. That's all he has known and this guy is crumbling in front of him. Sunny knows it is dangerous for him, but he still cares for Quinn because there is also a war going on as well. He doesn't want the Widow to take over Quinn's territory. He wants to slip out and have things be hunky dory with him and let the world in the Badlands carry on. 

IBT: Quinn planted the seed with Veil that Sunny killed her parents and now he knows Sunny was lying about M.K. Is their relationship about to reach a breaking point?

Wu: Yeah, definitely. In the finale you are going to see their confrontation. It has been held back the whole season, because confronting Quinn has never been an option for him. A big bomb is going to drop in episode 6 though and force everyone to face everything. So, the storylines are going to converge and Sunny is going to confront Quinn. 

IBT: Is Sunny maybe going to be pitted against all of the Barons simultaneously to protect M.K.?

Wu: Sort of, because everyone is vying for M.K. Everyone is going to converge and Sunny is going to have to decide to either help M.K. or not. He is going to have to finally make a decision.

IBT: Sunny gets bailed out from having to torture Tilda. Would he have been able to follow through on Quinn's order?

Wu: I think in that moment he is trying to intimidate her. We see him go to the rack and start going through those tools. We both know he does not need any of those tools to kill Tilda. He could just kill her by grabbing her by the neck. So, I think he was about to start doing this good cop, bad cop routine on her when all hell broke loose. 

IBT: That moral compass is sort of a new thing for Sunny since M.K. showed up. Sunny has been training M.K. all season, but what has Sunny learned from M.K.?

Wu: M.K. is a naughty, little kid and Sunny is definitely learning a lot. He has never had to deal with this kind of bull s--- before -- someone questioning him and asking all of these stupid questions all the time. It is really testing Sunny's patience. Sunny has an end game in mind, though, so he has to deal with that. 

I also think that from the moment in the first episode when Quinn is giving his "Will you kill in my name?" speech and he looks over and M.K. is not buying into that philosophy, he sees a moment of purity in M.K. that may have been something that was in Sunny at one point in his life before he came to the Fort. That brings up emotions in Sunny that, "Hey, I was once that guy. I was once that kid and now I'm all f----- up. Now I'm the guy with the tattoos all over his back." Everybody puts Sunny up on a pedestal for [his skill at killing], but for Sunny it is an incredible weight he has to carry. 

"Into the Badlands" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on AMC. Watch the sneak-peek video for the Season 1 finale below: