Spencer will have to make a hard career choice in “Ballers,” episode 8. Ricky continues to pursue Annabella, and Charles Greane will finally take the step to get back into the game. Executive producer Evan Reilly also discussed some of the recent events on the show in a new video.

[Spoiler alert]

HBO has released the promo video of the next episode of the TV series. After photographs of Vernon taking drugs at a party organized by Spencer’s (Dwayne Johnson) company leak online, Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) have a tense meeting with their boss.

An extended mid-season trailer video of the TV series shows that Joe will decide to quit the company and go on his own, after the way his boss treats him at the meeting. Joe invites Spencer to join him in his new venture, but Spencer is also offered a bigger role in his current company. Spencer will have to choose between staying in Anderson Financial and joining his friend.

Meanwhile, Ricky (John David Washington) attempts to reconcile with his girlfriend Annabella (Anabelle Acosta) by bringing her some flowers and apologizing. Episode 8 may see the relationship between the two characters evolve, as Ricky is seen giving his girlfriend a ring and proposing to get married.

Another video released by HBO shows executive producer Reilly discussing how Ricky has made many promises to Annabella over the years and managed to keep some of them. Reilly pointed out that Ricky is an “exciting guy” and although his girlfriend is conflicted about whether or not she should be with him, she sees a “deeper person” in him.

Julie (Jazmyn Simon) was the one who told Annabella about Ricky’s “fun house” previously. The actress said her character had to choose the “girl code” when she told Annabella about the “fun house.” Washington said that his character loves his girlfriend, but at the same time he loves a “certain lifestyle that he’s accustomed to.”

A big change in “Ballers,” episode 8, is that Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller) will be back playing professional football and is seen getting back into training. Spencer was the one who suggested to Charles that he should get back into the game.