Reggie will reveal the identity of the blackmailer in front of Vernon in “Ballers” episode 6. The animosity between Reggie and Spencer continues as Reggie confronts the former football player about knowing the blackmailer. Executive producer Evan Reilly also shared his thoughts about shakedowns in another video. [Spoiler alert]

The preview video of the next episode of the TV series shows Reggie [London Brown] and Vernon [Donovan W. Carter] meeting Spencer [Dwayne Johnson] over a drink. During the meeting, Reggie reveals that he knows that the photographs were taken by Angela Lee [Angelina Assereto], someone Spencer knows personally.

Spencer was approached by his client in the previous episode to help him deal with a blackmailer who had photographs of the football player partying with girls and using drugs. Vernon appears to be shocked at the revelation that Spencer knows the blackmailer.

Talking about blackmails in general, Reilly said in another video by HBO that shakedowns like the one on “Ballers” are common and get widely covered by the media. However, he later added that there are some cases of blackmail that don’t make it to the news.

Reilly noted that some people -- like football players -- depend on a maintaining a certain  public image in order to get paid and they don’t want to see this image tarnished. “If you take a hit to your image, then the team or the organization is going to use that to their advantage and maybe not pay you as much,” Reilly said.

Another important element in the next episode is the relationship between Charles Greane [Omar Benson Miller] and his wife. Charles will spend some time at his friend Ricky Jerret’s [John David Washington] house in the next episode. Julie [Jazmyn Simon] comes to find her husband and catches him trying to escape.

Simon said that her character was “shocked and disappointed” with Charles for having a photograph of another woman in his cell phone because the two characters have been together since college and Charles has always been a “good guy.” The actress said that Julie let her husband go in the previous episode because she has to “relinquish some of the power and let him make some mistakes.”

Spencer will finally get his MRI scan in “Ballers” episode 6 and appears to be nervous about it. The next episode of the show will air on July 26 on HBO.